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  The Coil packing machine also named coil wrapping machine that is a ring type coil wrapper special designed for eye through film wrapping which is an efficient equipments for coils packaging. There are different vertion coil stretch wrapper per diferent coil size, handling way, packing material and handling requirement.

At Fhope different types coil packaging solution is avialable for a nice and uniform packaging for many products in coil side, such as hose coil, pipe coil, wire coil, bearing, cable... Find more applicatoin.

Our team have rich experience in the coil packaging solution that we provide more than 1200 sets coil packing equipment aroud the world which works for improving the packing speed and replace the manually work. Click here for 100+ sets coil wrapping machine gallery

And our team got rich experience on customized designing for the customer around the world. Now Fhope had deliveried coil packing machines more that 1654 sets to the 65 countries.

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There are coil wrapping machines with different version vary from packing goal. The best way to find the proper packing solution is Choosing The Machine By Application.In other words, if your products is hose, checking the hose packing solution in the hose coil packing machine list. The coil packing solution developed from semiauto to automation solution per different size, packing material, handling way... Any special package and packaging requirment, you can email or call our team directly for the free consultation.  






How to pack your coil more efficiency? What is the way to save labor? You can have lot of question. Before making a decision, it is better checking and learning the all possible in the coil packaging per your product. Following is the different chapters that shows the different way and machine version in the coil packaging. The solution can be vary from the coil size, coil handling way, even for different factory layout space. And than you will have the full angle of view about the coil wrapping machine available in the market.

Hose packaging machine

This is a collection list of the hose coil packing solution
There are maindly includes vertical coil wrapping solution and horizontal wrapping solution. For automatic hose packing, it needs the horizontal wrapping version. The machine can be on-line connecting with automatic coiler for coil eye through wrapping.

One of the key points for the steel coil packaging solution is finding the machine according to the handling method at the factory. Normally, there are three methods: crane, forklift, and conveyor. Therefore, it is necessary to find the proper version of the machine that matches the operation. The steel coil packaging machine has to be durable enough for heavy loading. A coil falling down and compacting with the machine is absolutely not allowed. Therefore, the machine has to be designed with safety as the top priority. 100% right.

Most of the steel wire will be wound into coils for easy handling and storage. Some of the smaller wire coils are bagged and boxed after rewinding. However, almost all wire is wound into a coil shape. Therefore, one of the most popular packaging methods around the world for good protection is eye-through wrapping. With eye-through wrapping, the wire coil is sealed with film on the inside layer and protected on the outside by a knitted belt, paper, or other materials. This packaging is suitable for both rainy and dry seasons.

The copper products is hihg value and precision, so it was asked the strict packaging by end user. Comparing to the other coil packing machine, the copper coil need to be packed for preventing the impaction. So wrapping the bubble film around the coil section is a good way to avoid copper coil deforming. coil copper packing machine is used for copper strip coil , copper tube coil protection packaging. Besides, the packed coil will be filling into wooden box for better protection.

The plastic pipe packing is similar as the hose packing. But ususlly, the pipe coil is more heavy than hose. So the good version for pipe packing is the machine fit for coil rolling in and rolling out ground level by manually. Besides the horizotnal wrapper with conveyer is the popular way at the time when the labor shortage affect 24 hour production. The 90% packing material is film, such as LLDPE stretch film, PE film, PVC film

The cable coil packing solution is one of the highest automation level in the coil packaging. In the cable wire production, the extruder is 24 hours running in high speed that needs at least 2 peoples per line for coiling, binding, wrapping... And most cable wire factory has dozents of extruder. So customer asking automation packing machine along with coiling machine to resolve the problem in labor cost. With the technical development pushing by market, the cable coil packing machine includes automatic coiling, automatic strapping, lable feeding, wrapping or shrinking. By automation modification works, one people is able monitor 5-6 cable extruders. That is the great solution to save cost. So my suggestion for the cable coil packaging suggestion is: let machine Do all job automatically by CABLE COILING AND PACKING MACHINE.

There are two types bearing packing solution by bearing size. a. Small bearing packing machine that is the solution for bearing bag filling and sealing in high speed. The bearing size OD:50-150mm. b. Big side bearing packing machine that is the solution for bearing packing by eye through ring wrapping. FHOPE mainly focus on the big bearing packing. The Max.OD can be upto 7000mm. For matching the packaging goal in moisture protection, the automatic oil injecting and wrapping was designed to do two job at the same time. Also the machine have to desgined to avoid bearing scratching that would damage the bearing because of some of bearing have strict surface treatment.

The semiauto tyre packing machine is extremly popularizing rate in the tyre industry. The development of the tyre packing in automation is no only in the tyre packaging, but also the digital transformation. The tyre packaging system including the data collection, packing, conveyor system, labeling system and storage system. It achieves the data transfer, sharing and monitor for each positoin for tyre package movement. The data connecting in production, storage, delivery and even for sale. FHOPE providing the solution and help you to make the digitalized tyre factory after production.




1. Packaging Mathod:

For coil packaging solutions, selecting the appropriate orientation is crucial for efficiency and protection during transportation and storage. There are two primary coil orientations used in the packaging industry, each catering to different types of coils, wrapping requirements, and material handling scenarios. Understanding the distinctions and advantages of these orientations will help businesses choose the most suitable method for their specific needs, ultimately enhancing their packaging process and ensuring the product's integrity.


vertical coil wrapping machine

---1.1 Vertical type coil wrapping:

The coil's inner diameter (ID) faces the wall while the coil stands upright during wrapping, typically employed for economical solutions. This packing method is used for coils loaded by rolling in and out, forklifts, or cranes. Moreover provides better stability during transportation, reducing the risk of damage or accidents. Vertical type packaging is typically more straightforward and faster to implement, making it a popular choice for businesses aiming to optimize their packaging process while minimizing costs. Know more vertical typer coil wrapping: Just Here


---1.2 Horizontal type coil wrapping:

The horizontal orientation features the coil's inner diameter (ID) facing upwards during the wrapping process. This method is particularly well-suited for automatic coil packing machines, coil packing lines, and special coils, such as copper and hoses. Horizontal wrapping offers several advantages, including improved packaging for irregularly shaped coils, lightweight coils, and coils with small IDs. This orientation is also beneficial when dealing with delicate or sensitive materials that require extra care during the packaging process. By providing a more uniform wrapping and enhanced support for the coil, the horizontal method can lead to better product protection and safer handling throughout transportation and storage.

coil wrapping machine horizontal version


2. Packaging materials:

Various coil packing materials are available to suit the diverse needs of different coil packages and companies, ensuring adequate protection and optimized performance during transportation and storage. The choice of packaging material plays a significant role in determining the overall durability, appearance, and cost-effectiveness of the packaging process. Here are some typical packing materials for coil packaging, along with their unique features and applications:

stretch film for coil packing

---2.1 Stretch film:

Stretch film, commonly made from low-density polyethylene (LLDPE), is a versatile and cost-effective material that provides a sealed packaging for coils. With good tension control and sufficient overlap, it can offer excellent water and moisture resistance, making it a popular choice for various industries. Stretch film is also easy to apply and remove, contributing to a more streamlined packaging process.

---2.2 Paper:

The strength of the paper is weak, so the original paper cannot be used for coil wrapping. But after reinforcement treatment with PP belts, PE film covering, the paper works for steel coil, wire coil, copper coil...packaging. After packaging with paper, the surface of the package is wear-resistant. Also, the paper provides the VCI formula that is for moisture-proof packaging for seaworthy packages or rainy season packages.
HDPE film for steel coil wrapping


coil wrapping machine packing material

---2.3 HDPE/PE:

HDPE/PE: High-density polyethylene (HDPE) or polyethylene (PE) films are non-adhesive materials with a thickness of more than 50 microns. These films provide effective protection against scraping, ensuring that the packaged coil's surface remains damage-free during handling and transportation.


---2.4 Wolven knit belt:

Woven knit belts are typically made from polypropylene (PP) and are flexible yet stronger than paper and film. Their durability makes them popular for packaging razor wire, steel coil, and wire coil products. Woven knit belts protect coils from scrapes during transportation and can be customized to accommodate various coil sizes and shapes.

knit belt for coil protection


3. Ring Size:

The ring is one of the most important parts of the coil packing machine. The packing material is fixed/stored on the ring for eye through wrapping. The ring size varies from the package size. If the package size range is large, for compatibility, the ring will be designed for the largest coil, which works for smaller coils. The ring rotates at high speed, so the ring material and structure design is very important to ensure it runs for a long time.


4. Handling Way:

It is important to choose the proper coil packing machine. The machine version needs to be designed to fit the handling methods used in your factory. There are various handling methods depending on the coil weight and size, such as manual loading for light products, conveyor loading for connecting with the production line, crane loading for heavy products, and forklift for coil moving...



Coil wrapping Machines

By choose the proper packing material

: The package is able to reduce corrosion, water spots, dust, and rust. It protects the surface of the coil during storage and transportation. 


Browse our entire range of coil packaging requirements in size, speed, and packing material, and select the right solution that is suitable for you. By application: Find the wrapping machine/packing machine for your product name, such as wire coil wrapping machine, hose wrapping machine, bearing packing machine...
By application :Find the right solution to your packaging needs by selecting your industry/market segment.

By industry: Find the right solution to your packaging needs by selecting your industry/market segment.


Fhope is capable of providing total coil packing solutions, whether it's small ID coils, light packaging, heavy, or large size... you can find the solution in our product list. Now, the largest coil we have handled is up to 35T. Local services such as engineer installation, commissioning, and personnel training are available from Fhope.


By special requirement: Fhope provides customized coil packing solutions from semi-automatic to automatic packing systems, such as automatic coilers, coil wrapping, coil strapping, coil handling, and coil stacking according to the customer's handling and packaging goals.




manual down FPS series manual down FPS 200-500
manual down FPS 300-500 manual down FPCA 100-300
FPS-200-400 open up PS-200-500 open down FPS-300-500 Vertica
FPCA Series;


Also FHOPE provides the automatic line includes the automatic packing material changing and reloading system. And many options can be the avaiable option of the coil packing machines. Fhope team helps to provide the economic coil packing solution, special coil packing function per your packaging, automatic coil packing system with stacking system, coil packing and infomation tracking control...  



Frequently asked questions


A coil wrapping machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed for wrapping various coil-shaped products with different types of packing materials. That is a kind of eye through ring wrapper. It provides secure and efficient packaging for a range of industries.

The coil wrapping machine can accommodate various packing materials, including stretch film, paper, PP knit belts, PVC film, and HDPE film. FHOPE providing customzied solution per different packing material if your packing material not in above range.

Yes, the coil wrapping machine can handle various coil sizes and dimensions, offering flexibility for different applications and industries. FHOPEGROUP had provided coil packing solution from Min. coil OD:60mm to Max.Coil OD:6500mm. Our team will help to do semulation and provide the best solution per your coil packaging.

The life expectancy of a coil wrapping machine varies depending on factors like usage, maintenance, and quality of the components. Proper care and regular maintenance can significantly extend the machine's lifespan upto 15+ years.

Consider factors like coil dimensions, packing material, required wrapping speed, and budget when choosing the right coil wrapping machine. Consult with our team to ensure the machine meets your specific needs.

The cost of packing materials for one coil wrap depends on following points: 1. the type and quantity of the material used; 2. the coil size in OD x ID xWidth; 3. overlapping rate Consult with the manufacturer or supplier for accurate cost estimates.

If the machine encounters a problem,checking the manual and trouble shooting list firt. making a recorder by photos&videos that shows the problem and contact our service team for technical support and troubleshooting assistance. Most machine equipts the remote control moudle, our team will help to check the machien status asap online. In some cases, on-site support or replacement parts may be necessary.

Yes, it is advisable to keep essential spare parts on hand to minimize downtime. Consult with the manufacturer for a list of recommended spare parts.

The coil wrapping machine wraps the chosen packing material around the coil-shaped product through an eye-like structure, ensuring a tight and secure fit. The machine can be operated semi-automatically or integrated into an automatic packing line.

Yes, the coil wrapping machine is designed for easy operation.It was designed in fool style operating machine for non skiled worker. Simple training and user manuals are typically provided to ensure a smooth experience. Most machine packing and delivery without dismentling, only depacking and power connecting required to running the machine.

Regular maintenance and cleaning, as per the manufacturer's guidelines, are crucial for optimal performance and longevity. This may include inspecting, lubricating, and cleaning various components.

After-sales support and warranty terms vary among manufacturers. Ensure to inquire about these details before purchasing the machine.

Yes, many manufacturers offer custom-made coil wrapping machines tailored to specific requirements. Consult with the manufacturer to discuss your needs and explore available options.

The cost of a coil wrapping machine depends on factors like features, capabilities, and customization. Contact the manufacturer for a detailed quote based on your requirements.

Delivery and installation times vary depending on factors like the machine's complexity, location, and availability. Consult with the manufacturer for accurate timelines.

Yes, many manufacturers provide customized solutions tailored to the unique needs of clients. Discuss your specific requirements with the manufacturer to determine the best course of action.

1: Improved packaging efficiency A coil wrapping machine can wrap coils quickly and accurately. This reduces packaging time and increases productivity. One coil wrapping time app. 20-50 sec per coil size.
2: Reduced labor costs Coil wrapping machines minimize the need for manual labor in the packaging process. This can help to reduce labor costs. one machine replace 3-5 people
3: Increased product protection Wrapping coils tightly and securely helps prevent damage during shipping and handling. A coil wrapping machine can improve product protection.
4: Enhanced product appearance A coil wrapping machine can help to enhance the appearance of the product. This can make it more attractive to customers.

As a manufacturers we can provide CE and UL certifications upon request, which validate the machine's compliance with relevant safety



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