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Coil packaging machines total solution

The top leading manufacturer providing all kind coil packing solution per specification and packaging goal.Also providing coil packaging projects customized solution

Invest in top-notch coil packing machines to bring automation to your manufacturing site

There is no denying that manual handling is now evolving into a thing of the past. As its alternative, the automated or semi-automated equipment proves to be a far superior solution for the final stage of logistics management. And Fhope has got all it takes to help you benefit from this state-of-the-art solution at competitive prices. If you want to modernize your site, reduce labor costs, and save time on load unitizing, be sure to get one of our coil packing machines installed. This equipment works by automatically applying stretch wrap all over the load to make it ready for safe transportation. Similar to pallet packing machines, coil wrappers provide 360-degree handling and make sure your goods are adequately protected from dirt, moisture, and dust. What is more, Fhope automated machines will help you boost productivity rates at your site. Because they do not require manual operation, your staff will be able to focus on other load management procedures without having to deal with wrapping tasks. This makes our coil handling solutions extremely worthwhile investment for your factory.

Versatility of our coil packing machines

Vast range of applications. What makes our wrappers versatile is that you can adjust the speed of their rollers so that it meets your load unitization needs. Once the proper speed is set, the equipment can be used as cable coiling machines or the ones for packaging hoses, pipes, and even tires. Management of different loads. Fhope machines are suitable for light and heavy packaging. In our product line, you will find wrappers that can handle up to 35 tons. Custom-made equipment. We have the capabilities to supply you with semi-automated and automated wrappers. To make your experience hassle-free, we also offer assistance in installing, commissioning, and staff training at your site. Choose the best wrapping machines from Fhope to minimize manual handling and improve load unitization. contactContact us to make an order!



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