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Automatic Coil Packaging line

coil packaging line with stracking system

Automatic coil packaging line design according your packing requirement . The speed of ring and rollers are adjustable to accommodate materials varying in thickness. The conveyor belt or supportive roller can be raised or lowered and in some models, even tilted to the desired angle for packing. It can be equipped with an ink coding system , or an imprinter to record words, dates, and codes with each seal for each products. Speed of  Automatic coil packing machinery are considerably faster much more than by manually , it is ideal equipment for projects which require minimal space and costs and higher production rates.


The concept  of package is an design for integral part of the coil packing machinery. The machine covers tight layers of packing materials over all surfaces of the coil. This tight layers of packing material avoids  most of the air from the package. By reducing the amount of air in the package, covered protective packing material, the potential for moisture to form is reduced, thereby reducing the possibility of corrosion or water spots.
The ancillary packing is can be applied too. This packaging may include protectors of outside diameter, protectors of inside diameter , protectors of side wall or belly wrap material. These materials can be integrated into the system to be applied automatically or applied manually . This ancillary packaging protects both the coil and the first layer of film The ancillary product can be made from plastics to maintain a completely recyclable package.
A second layer of packing material is then applied according requirement. The second layer of packing material holds the ancillary package in place and more protects the inner airtight layer of film. The outer layer shall be torn from handling damage. Besides the inner layer remains intact and thus the coil stays sealed and protected, because of the ancillary material is in between which is  applied separately by the two layers,




metal steel coil packaging line



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slitting coil packagign line


There are solution to connect with your slitting line and warehouse for automatic handling, strapping, wrapping and stacking on pallets. Only one man is able operating the whole line in safety way.




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