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Steel Coil Packing Machine:Flexiable efficiency equipment for heavy coil

FHOPEPACK offering Steel Coil Wrapping Machine is able to improve your slit coil packing by different materials. It is an solution for coil packing by through eye wrapping, which is flexible and efficiency equipment. There are modified solutions according your need. It provides by our team for meeting the specific needs for copper coil, aluminum coil, slit coil... There are automatic coil wrapping solution per the coil data and handling process. Following information required for offering a solution:
              • ID, OD, Width, Weight of coil
              • What is the packing material
              • Packing speed
steel coil packing machine steel coil packing machine steel coil packing with station moveable
steel coil wrapping machine wire coil steel coil packing video horizontal steel coil wrapping machine

video of the coil wrapper for copper


As a manufacturer, there are full range steel coil packaging machines vary from the different coil size, packing material... After 10+ years development our team provides too many different version vary from packing goal. So the first point for the coil packing machine choosing from FHOPE is abou the handling way for coil handling and unloading. The best way to find the proper packing solution is Choosing The Machine By Handling way. Normally,following list is the 90% handling way relates to the steel coil packaging. Any special package and packaging requirment, you can email or call our team directly for the free consultation.

coil handling
coil handling by manually
forklifter for steel coil packing
steel coil conveyor in packing machine

1. By Crane

2. By Manual Rooling in & Out

3. By Forklifter

4. By Conveyor feeding in&out

Steel coil wrapping machine

  • Master coil stretch wrapping machinery

    Master coil stretch wrapping machineryMaster coil stretch wrapping machinery for master coil eye through wrapping by VCI film. The solution represents a major advance in the power connection and shuttle drive which is for the master coil packaging in high speed and good performance...

  • Horizontal steel coil packing  machine FPCA-1000

    Horizontal steel coil packing machine FPCA-1000Horizontal type coil packing machine for steel strip, slitting coil packing by paper, stretch film......

  • Steel coil wrapping machine-FPS-300

    Steel coil wrapping machine-FPS-300FPS-300 steel coil wrapping machine is equipment designed mainly used to packaging solution of steel wire coil, copper coil. It is an highly efficiency equipment for coil shape package and is a nice packaging solution for saving labor, product protect and material cost.The machines is flexible for different specifications, which...

  • Steel coil packing machine FPS-400

    Steel coil packing machine FPS-400FPS-400 series steel coil packing machine is mainly used to steel coil, steel strip packaging, which is with highly efficiency and nice packaging for saving labor and material cost. Our commitment is to provide innovative long-term solutions that allow Fhope's machines to meet end user requirement by high-quality and money save p...

  • Steel coil packing machine FPS-500

    Steel coil packing machine FPS-500FPS-500 series steel coil packaging machine is a equipment for flexibility, Low Maintenance and High Operating Speed. It is highly efficiency and good in nice coil packaging for saving labor cost and material cost, which adopted for steel coil, steel strip packaging. The packaging method is eye crossing wrapping. The final packag...

  • Steel coil wrapping machine FPS-600

    Steel coil wrapping machine FPS-6002. B asic features 1)Excellent collections. High qualitybrands are adopted for main components. 2)PLC is adopted. 3)Trolley adopted for loading unloading of the coils conveniently, safe and reliable. 4)Height of thering board could be adjusted by motor according to different coil OD. 5)Two different wrapping material rolls are av...

  • Coil wrapping machine--FPS-800

    Coil wrapping machine--FPS-800Coil wrapping machine--FPS-800 designed for slited steel coil,copper coil package,wire coil package... with max.width 800mm Weight 400kg by film,paper,HDPE...The trolley loading and unloading,safety operation.The package concept is an integral part of the coil packing machine design. The machine puts a tight layer of film over al...

  • Automatic coil packaging line

    Automatic coil packaging lineThe new coil packing line equipment for packing strip coils after cutting on theslitting-and-shearing line in the existing rolling-extrusion shop.The system designed for automation the coil packaging from coil turning to packing, stacking... Turnstile Heavy loading, strong structure designing. 2/4 arms per slittling line speed re...

How to find the packing solution for your steel coil

For the steel coil packaging, there are many mathods for moving the shifting the coil from slitting line to the warehouse.  Since the coill packing is a part of the production, the machine need to be chosen follows to the operation flow. This is a good way to find the proper packing machine by non-professional people to making the right decision in steel coil packing machine purchasing: by coil handling way.

steel coil packing machine for stainless steel coil with crane handling

1. By Crane lifting the steel coil

Most factory equipted the overhead crane that for handling the heavy load steel coil to assist the manual work in coil movment, coil lifting,   position changing...So it can be a safety way to work with wrapping machine in packaging procession.

 By trolley moving the coil from wrapping station to he unloading position, the crane is easy to off the coil from roller station easier.

steel coil wrapping machine for coil packaging
Coil wrapping machine easy coil loading
wrapping machine for steel coil

a. Coil wrapping machine with trolley for in&out the wrapping position. So the top side of the coil handling is

b. Coil wrapping machine with wrapping station movement that is shifing for coil wrapping

c. The wrapping machine C ring upto sky so that for loading and unloading from top side.

steel coil handling for wrapping

2. By manually rolling in &out the coil

 The way to handling the light coil is by manually rolling in and out the wrapping station. That is a way choose by light steel coil packaging. Without the some assistant or device, it is can be a easy way to handling and steel coil.

But comparing to the tool handling, this kind of solution may not as good safety as by crane or conveyor.

Anyway here is showing the possibility for the coil packing, and than you can making a decision per your factory's situation.

steel coil wrapping machine FHOPE
big coil wrap machine
Coil wrapping with two materials

a. The machine fixed into the foundation so that the rotation rollers keeping the same level as floor

b. The machine need to be fix into the pit or add a ramp for rolling the coil into the wrapping station.

c. There is a pushing device to hlep coil rolling out by manually. The work plate same hgiht on floor.

steel coil handling for wrapping

3. By Forklifter steel coil handling

The forklifter is the commonest equipment for handling the heavy load products, so as to steel coil. That most using to the steel coil lifting and moving in the facility without crane or the area the crane can not reaching too. By forklifter, there is a specifial gear that is for easy picking up the coil and protecting the coil surface. Sometimes there is need the additional equipment designed for coil loading and unloading, It can be a upender, trolley...

Advantage: Safety way them man power operation and .

Anyway here is showing the possibility for the coil packing, and than you can making a decision per your factory's situation.

steel coil packing solution
coil-forklifter-in packaging
Coil wrapping with two materials

a. The coil forklifting for wrapping infeeding

b. Forklifter with upender for easy coil handling for good wrapping.

c. The tool work with forklifter for handlign the steel coil in a row

There are different solutions available per coil packing, Fhope engineer team had provided turnkey project via different slitting center, steel coil mills. The customized designing can strat from the way to handling the steel coil, wrapping mathod to stacking the packed coil on pallet and unloading...Only show your purpose of packing and speficication requirement, our engineer will help you find the best solution.

Protecting your steel coil with internation packing way by machine

   The package concept is an integral part of the coil packing machine design. The machine puts a tight layer of film over all surfaces of the coil. This tight layer of film eliminates most of the air from the package. By reducing the amount of air in the package, the potential for moisture to form is reduced, thereby reducing the possibility of corrosion or water spots.

1. Nice and regular package with packaging quality controable
2. Packing steps safety guarantee, avoiding dangerous operation.
3. Lower the labor intensity,save labor cost
4. Less staff more efficiency
5. Long life machine with durable quality.

6. Creat a better working environment.

7. Flexiable packing material using for packaging.


coil wrappig machine


coil packing machine manual FHOPE coil wrapper manual FHOPE coil packing manual  
FPS-200-400 open up FPS-200-500 open down FPS-300-500 Vertical


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