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Cable coiling and wrapping packing solution

The manufacturer provides cable coiling, cable wrapping, cable coil strapping solution via cable size and packing requirement.

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Automatic Cable coiling and wrapping machine

Multifunctional cable coiling and wrapping machine:
In order to meet the needs of packaging quality and management of market growth, in order to meet the needs of the fast conversion between all kinds of material products, Fhope now provides a series of multi-function cable winding and packaging machine, connected to the production line, to meet customer demand.


The packaging line of automatic cable coil is mainly used for the packaging of cable coil, which has the characteristics of high efficiency and fine packaging, saving labor and material cost.It can also customize mechanical specifications and production according to customer requirements.


1. Can be linkage with pay-off rack and extruder line
2. Coiling speed is four times than the manual coil
3. Can be linkage with automatic wrapping machine so that automatically wrap PVC film and put up Label after coiling
4. If automatic coiling machine and automatic wrapping machine at the same time operate, the speed will be seven times than manual.


a. Servo motor traverse, traverse is more perfect and beautiful than manual winding wire
b. PLC can store wire reel specification, when need change wire reel specification, only need to read stored specifications.
c. With automatic inspect wrong function, automatic send signal when wrong come out
d. Performances;
e. Voltage ;AC380V, 3-phase, 50HZ or provided by customer
f. Operation direction: inlet wire from left , or decide by customer
g. Wire diameter :¢1.5-12mm diameter, electric wire, data wire, automobile wire, BV/AV power wire, building wire.
h. Shake-bobbin head speed:200rpm max.
i. Product convey: clamp wire
²j. Overlength:unit:0.01m, automatic reduce speed when forecast
k. Traverse: servo motor control traverse, linkage with shake-bobbin machine
l. Electric loop control:Graphic operator interface(PLC)
m. Switch and meter on operation panel:touch screen, speed-adjust button, emergent switch
n. PLC has sparker junction
o. PLC has diameter tester junction

From sales via installation and continuing assist, Fhope is your knowledgeable and specialized companion in cable coil product packaging. Fhope cable coil packing machine come with cost-free for-existence training, upgraded telephone support, and remote diagnostics technologies. Unclear what remedy meets your needs? An Fhope software specialist will be happy to assist you in deciding which cable coil wrapping machine very best meets your requirements. Contact us or click the link below to review our cable coil packing machine details.



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