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Cable coiling and packing machine/Wire cable winding&wrapping machine

This packing line is specifically designed for cable coil packaging, providing an efficient and cost-effective solution that minimizes labor costs and saves time. With its advanced features and reliable performance, this packing line can significantly increase productivity and efficiency in the production process. Businesses can enjoy a streamlined and automated packaging process that ensures high

Automatic Cable coiling and wrapping machine


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Automatic Cable Coiling and Wrapping Machine

It is a cable packing automation solution to replace labor that makes one people works for 5-8 lines in cable coiling and wrapping at the same time.

Cable coiling and wrapping is the last staion in the cable prodution procession before stacking. And it is an cable packaging equipment in the end of the cable line. There are several types cable coil winding and packing solution. Most of the factory is using the semiauto coiling machine in considering the cost at the beginning of the investment. Now it is time to replce it and stop the lost in labor cost by automatic the cable coiling and packing.



The automatic cable coiling and wrapping machine equipts PLC & HMI control program for automatic operation. All parts are chose international brand. Parameters can be set on the control program with English. And coiling OD can be adjustable.Cable cutting length can be adjusted as setting. Automatic error detection function, it will alarm when trouble occurs. Wrapping position can be reset, and different packing materials can be used for packing.


No Height 
Outer Diameter
Inner diameter
Wire Diameter
  Coiling speed
1 60-120 200-460 150-250 1-15 PP 200 m/min
2 80-180 250-600 150-250 2-15 PP 200 m/min

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In the procession of the automatic coiling and wrapping, the option device is avilable for automatic label inserting that is for covering the label inside of the film wrap automatically.

The cable and cable coil size can be save on the program upto 20 formula which is easy to select and read in the production shifting.

Only film reloading operation required by operator.

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