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Automatic Cable Coiling and Wrapping Machine 

Automatic Cable coiling and wrapping machine

Automatic Cable coiling and wrapping machine    
The packing machine is used for PLC & HMI control program for automatic operation. All parts are chose international brand. Parameters can be set on the control program with English. And coiling OD can be adjustable.Cable cutting length can be adjusted as setting. Automatic error detection function, it will alarm when trouble occurs. Wrapping position can be reset, and different packing materials can be used for packing.
No Height  (mm) Outer Diameter (mm) Inner diameter (mm) Wire Diameter (mm) Strapping material Coiling speed
1 60-120 200-460 150-250 1-15 PP 200 m/min
2 80-180 250-600 150-250 2-15 PP 200 m/min

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