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Hose coil packing machine manufacturer

The coil packing machine for pvc hose, PE pipe, corrugated pipe by stretch film, PE belt, paper...

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The hose wrapping machine is able to turn the coil in 360 degree and wrapping it by film fixs on the ring.

Main parameter
No. of packing material LLDPE/PE/PVC/: 
ID of Coil Φ200~Φ300mm 
Outer diameter of disc Φ300-Φ400mm 
Width 100~200mm 
Weight 8-50kg
Main wrapping speed(high/low) 18-35sec/pcs 
Max speed of ring 100r/Minute 
Power supply(high/low) 380V 60Hz 3P 
PLC&HMI for automatic material calculates function(OPTIONAL).
Special design for easy loading and unloading by manual easily. 
Ring soft stop, start and reset.
Manual and automatic working mode for easy operation.
Time relay for automatic stop.
The converters for adjusting the speed of the ring and rollers
Overlapping rate of the packing material according to requirement.
Foot Switch jog
overcurrent protection for driving motor
Supportive rollers is easy adjustable for avoiding coil shaking in wrapping
Horizontal type coil packaging.
Easy packing material roll loading and unloading.
Adjusted for different OD of the coil for the best packaging
Special design for easy loading and unloading by manual easily.
Packaging tension is adjustable by special mechanical device.
Guardrails, soft starts and stop for safety operation.
Widely packing material applicable.
Consistent tension device to make machine working for small to big coil packaging.
Logo circle tapping (optional)
Note: Can be designed according your specification.

horizontal hose coil packing machine FPCA-100



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