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Fhope is one of the leading wrapping machines producer in South China and a recognized manufacturer of coil packing machines,orbital stretch wrapper,pallet inverter, upender.The company's ongoing commitment is to provide innovative long-term solutions by world-class packing solutions in high-quality,performance and reliability..


At FHOPE, our development commitment has and continues to be focused on providing safe environment for our staffs, and manufacturing high performance solution per client's packing goal.

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New Equipments

Automatic pipe coiler
Pallet inverter and handling equipments

The pallet inverter and automatic inline pallet changer solution provides for changing the pallet with 180 degree turning or replace the pallet without rotating per different handling goal. There are pallet changing solution for sea food products, for forzen industry, for the pallet in bottles package, for load in box pallet.
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wire coil compacting&strapping machine
Automatic wire coil compacting and strapping machine

This Strapping & Compacting Line has frames, electric cabinet, pneumatic and hydraulic installation. This line will be fully automatic with manual operations possible.The Automatic Strapping Machine performs all the straps in different strapping positions. The wire coil along with the basket should be positioning on table and the compactor system at the strapping position.
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automatic pipe bundle making machine
Automatic pipe bundling and bagging line

The pipe group bundling machine is an automatic packing line which designed for save the packaging process labor operation in PPV,PPR pipe production. The packing solution including pipe counting, feeding, storage, aligning, bundling, strapping, conveying, bagging, binding etc. It is a set of efficient, convenient and safe wrapping machinery for pipe bundle packaging.

Automatic pipe coiler
Automatic hose&pipe coiler and strapping machine

This is automatic pipe coiling and strapping machine specialized for vertical coiling and strapping, such as pipe coil, hose coil, etc. It includes automatic coiler and strapping machine. After coiling and strapping, pipe coils are well-shaped. The coiling machine connect to extruder for saving labor force and improves work efficiency that plays a key role in the end of production procedure.
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Aluminum packing line
Automatic aluminum profile packaging line

This is an automatic aluminum profile packing line specialized for aluminum profiles, section. It include aluminum binding, wrapping, bundle making machine and bundle stretch wrapper.  The wrapped package is well protected and sealed, and looks tidier. Timber insert on top&bottom of bundle is available.The machine can be connected to your existed production line.

Pallet Wrapping Machine

At FHOPE, we got 20 years experience in packing solution for three kind of objects: coil, pallet, long shape object. We are providing packing project service for metalugical industry, platic industry. Our professional team is specialist in designing solution vary from package to package and it is the hallmark of success for Fhope packing machinery

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