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Steel coil paper packing machine with trolley

Coil wrapping machine--FPS-800 designed for slited steel coil,copper coil package,wire coil package... with max.width 800mm Weight 400kg by film,paper,HDPE...The trolley loading and unloading,safety operation.The package concept is an integral part of the coil packing machine design. The machine puts a tight layer of film over all surfaces of the coil.

Coil wrapping machine--FPS-800


Touch screen is key tool for customer's convenient operation. It could input some data of the coil, like OD, ID, width, weight and customer's required need of wrapping speed and wrapping layer.
PLC programs and touch screen operation system allow to creat high quality experience of operation, packing performance, labor efficiency, even handling profitability of the automatic steel coil packing machine. What you need is that just input data of any coil to make processing with automatic operation mode. Whatever which type of steel coil packing machine you will choose, you will get the packing goal into reality. Packing speed, better packing performance are what customer always to go after profit-push. And, these are important indicators to measure whether a packaging machine is good or not. This series of machines is the equipment that meets these indicators. You will get high automation profit output of speed and volume from our coil packing machine.


Voltage (V/Hz) 380v 50Hz 3Phase(adjustable)
Power (KW) 1.5kw
Steel coil ID(mm) 508
Steel coil OD(mm) 800-1400
Steel coil width(mm) 400-800mm
Steelcoil Weight(Kg) 200-1000kg
Packing material PVC/LLDPE/PE/PAPER/HDPE available
Overlapping rate 10%-90%(adjustable)
Air supply. 5-7kgf/  c㎡(optional)
Note: The special specifiaction for steel coil packing is possible, please contact with our team for the solution.

Coil wrapping machine--FPS-800

Highlighting the benefits of a steel coil packing machine with trolley:

1. Improved Mobility: The trolley on the steel coil packing machine makes it much easier to move the machine around, especially in large manufacturing facilities or warehouses. With the trolley, workers can quickly move the machine to where it is needed, making it more versatile and efficient.

2.  Greater Flexibility: The trolley allows the steel coil packing machine to be used in different locations or on various production lines without the need for separate machines. This means that manufacturers can save time, space, and money by investing in a single machine that can be used for multiple purposes.

3.  Increased Safety: The trolley helps to improve safety by reducing the risk of injury to workers during the transportation of heavy materials. The trolley can easily transport steel coils or other heavy items, reducing the risk of back or muscle strains and other workplace injuries.

4.  Simplified Maintenance: The trolley on the steel coil packing machine can make maintenance easier by allowing workers to move the machine to a location where it can be serviced more easily. This means that maintenance tasks can be completed more quickly and with less disruption to production. Additionally, the trolley can help to protect the machine from damage during maintenance activities.



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