Master Coil packing machine & Master coil stretch wrapper

The master steel coil stretch wrapper, manufactured by Fhope, is a versatile packing machine that can handle a variety of packing materials, including VCI stretch film, paper, PP, and PE. Designed to work with stainless steel coil mill, aluminum coil, and wire rod, this machine plays a critical role in large coil packing lines.

Fhope has also provided a comprehensive automatic coil packing system that includes other key equipment such as the coil car, manual packing station, and strapping machine, ensuring a high level of safety and efficiency in the coil packing process. With Fhope's expertise in coil packing technology, customers can be assured of the reliability and quality of their equipment. Whether it's for industrial or commercial use, the master steel coil stretch wrapper and the complete packing system provided by Fhope are ideal solutions for coil packaging needs.
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Master Coil Stretch Wrapper

  • Aluminum master coil wrapper

    Aluminum master coil wrapperThis aluminum jumbo coil stretch wrapper is an automatic packing system which composed ofblocker roller stations, guide rail, main stretch wrapper machine, trolley, hydraulic system, shuttle, packing material release storage station, U-type orbital, automatic mechanical hand, signal detection system, electric circuit system, elec...

  • Master coil stretch wrapper

    Master coil stretch wrapperApplication: This machine is with two blocker roller station specialized fororbitalwrapping of steel coil, to make the package dustproof, well protected and decorated. Installation : Place the machine on the flat ground surface. Scope of work : 1.Conceptualization of the system 2.Design of the system modules 3.Detail analysis o...

  • Steel master coil packing machine

    Steel master coil packing machineMaster coil packing machine features two blocker roller stations and is specialized for the orbital wrapping of steel coils. This machine provides a comprehensive solution for packaging needs, ensuring that the package is dustproof, well-protected, and decorated. With its advanced features and efficient operation, our master coil...

The master coil stretch wrapper is an excellent solution for those seeking to improve their coil packaging needs. Here are four benefits of using this versatile piece of equipment:

  1.  Versatility: The master coil stretch wrapper can handle a wide range of packing materials, including VCI stretch film, paper, PP, and PE, which makes it ideal for packaging various types of coils such as stainless steel, aluminum, and wire rod.

  2.  Efficiency: The master coil stretch wrapper is designed for fast and efficient wrapping, allowing for increased productivity during the packaging process. Additionally, it can be integrated with other automatic equipment to create a comprehensive packing system that optimizes the overall packaging process.

  3. Protection: The master coil stretch wrapper provides excellent protection for the coils, ensuring that they are securely wrapped and protected from damage during transportation and storage. This protection is particularly important for fragile and costly coils, as any damage could lead to significant losses.

  4. Cost-effectiveness: With its versatility, efficiency, and protection features, the master coil stretch wrapper is a cost-effective solution for coil packaging needs. It can help reduce labor costs, improve productivity, and minimize the risk of damage to the coils, ultimately resulting in significant cost savings for businesses.

1.Sealed packing for perfect protection

It is an orbital type wrapping machine, the packing material fixs on the shuttles for eye through packing. The different packing material can be choosen per diferent packaging goal.


The machine with different option function for automatic packing: Automatic packaging material reloading, automatic Edge Protector...

3.Big master coil wrapping.

Automatic coil diameter scanning system. Sonar-scanning device is for measuring coil diameter for wrapping. This information is processed through the PLC to determine the speed of trolley roll and shuttle.

Coilmaster stretch wrapper

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