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The manufacturer of the coil master packing machine, which is also named Coilmaster stretch wrapper.
The packing material can be VCI stretch film, paper, PP,PE...The machine is able work for stainless steel coil mill, aluminum coil, wire rod...
This is one of key equipment in the big coil packing line.
Fhope had provided automatic coil packing system which includes the coil car, master coil wrapper, manual packing station, strapping machine...for packing the coil with high safety level.

1.Sealed packing for perfect protection

It is an orbital type wrapping machine, the packing material fixs on the shuttles for eye through packing. The different packing material can be choosen per diferent packaging goal.


The machine with different option function for automatic packing: Automatic packaging material reloading, automatic Edge Protector...

3.Big master coil wrapping.

Automatic coil diameter scanning system. Sonar-scanning device is for measuring coil diameter for wrapping. This information is processed through the PLC to determine the speed of trolley roll and shuttle.

Coilmaster stretch wrapper
master-coil-stretch-wrapper master-coil-packing-machine-and-stretch-wrapper-for-packing-project master-coil-stretch-wrapper-with-paper

Master Coil Stretch Wrapper

  • Aluminum master coil wrapper

    Aluminum master coil wrapperThis aluminum jumbo coil stretch wrapper is an automatic packing system which composed ofblocker roller stations, guide rail, main stretch wrapper machine, trolley, hydraulic system, shuttle, packing material release storage station, U-type orbital, automatic mechanical hand, signal detection system, electric circuit system, elec...

  • Master coil stretch wrapper

    Master coil stretch wrapperApplication: This machine is with two blocker roller station specialized fororbitalwrapping of steel coil, to make the package dustproof, well protected and decorated. Installation : Place the machine on the flat ground surface. Scope of work : 1.Conceptualization of the system 2.Design of the system modules 3.Detail analysis o...

  • Steel master coil packing machine

    Steel master coil packing machineThis coilmaster packing machine is with two blocker roller station specialized for orbital wrapping of steel coil, to make the package dustproof, well protected and decorated. ...

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