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The Collection Page of The Aluminum Profile Packaging Solutions

The design of the automatic aluminum profile packing machien and automatic packing line is completely based on user’s actual manufacturing needs. It is an aluminum bundle packing equipment which aims to provide on line packing solution. It is realize the following aspects.

Automatic aluminum profile packing solution including profile banding, aluminum strapping, profile wrapping, aluminum bundle making...

Following are individual machine available from FHOPEPACK.

1) Aluminum bundle strapping machine


2) Aluminum wrapping machine
The wrapping machine providing film stretch wrapping solution for the aluminum profile and bundle.

3) Aluminum bundling machine

It is equipment for aluminum bundle making, It is an integrated system with forks, aluminum bundle moving lifters, roller conveyor allows to  bundle making layers by layers for the packaged aluminum profiles according program setting for aluminum coming from the wrapping machine. Setting the length, layers no., and pcs of aluminum on touch screen.


4) Aluminum bundle stretch wrapper

The aluminum bundle stretch wrapper connect with the bundle maker for wrapping the formed bundle by stretch plastic film. It providing the packaging for transition of the bundle through the main body of the machine. It is possible to setting a wrapping program vary from orver wrapping in correspondence with certain points of the package.


High reliability
This automatic aluminum profile packing line will have high reliability and low maintenance by optimizing the whole design and using reliable components.

Easy for maintenance
We have made efforts in the following aspects to realize easy maintenance. First, we standardize the design with complete spare parts list. 
Second, we continuously improve the monitoring software intelligence. By such improvement, the monitoring software can automatically check and find out the accurate position of machinery failures, and alarm audibly and visually. This is an effective way to improve self-checking ability and promote maintenance operators’ efficiency in discovering and solving machinery problems.

High efficiency
Based on user’s actual producing situation, automatic profile packing line delays are reduced by specially designed software. System’s flexibility is also improved, which means that every processing position can open or close freely. Aluminum packing line reduces unnecessary waiting time.

E200 E300 E400 E1000/1400
profile-stacking-line fully-automatic-film-and-paper-wrapping-packing-machine automatic-aluminum-stretch-wrapper-with-six-sided-package
aluminum-profile-packing-machine-and-wrapping-machine-line aluminum-profile-packaging-machine-line aluminum-paper-wrapping-machine-with-tapping-on-tails

Aluminum profile packing line

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