There are several types fully automatic strapping machine that designed to strap coils both horizontal eye to sky and vertically eye to wall. For slitting coil strapping, the coil eye to sky that is redial eye through strapping above roller conveyor. For the cold roll coil strapping, the eye level is parallel to the transportation direction that can be both radial and circumfrencial strapping. Normall the roll fixed in the central area of the strapping machine by the conveying system.  The strapping material can be PET and Steel belt that is vary from the steel coil thickness, weight and packaging. For light slitting coil, copper coil, aluminum coil, PET will be choosen for strapping in considering the coil surface protection. And for big cold roll steel coil, the ouside package protection by paper, steel sheet fixing with pallt using PET too. For heavy steel coil, the steel belt is the most popular material for strapping. The strapping solution offered by FHOPE includes equipment for slitting coils, cold roll steel coil, hot roll steel coils...


Steel coil strapping machines

  • circumference coil strapping machinery

    circumference coil strapping machineryThe direction of the coils is horizontally aligned with the center of the coil, and this differs from most strapping machines which have strapping heads on the top....

  • Automatic slitting coil strapping machine

    Automatic slitting coil strapping machineAutomatic steel coil strapping machine helps to bind slit coils on line.It is easy to improve the strapping speed to reslove the production jam caused by low efficiency for strapping....

  • Radial steel coil strapping machine

    Radial steel coil strapping machineThe radial coil strapping machine has been designed as a modular unit for easy trouble shooting and maintainment for quick packing line recover. The eye through strapping for big steel coils in 2/3/4/6 belts ...

  • Automatic slitting coil PET strapping machine

    Automatic slitting coil PET strapping machineIt is a slitting coil strapping machine for automatic online PET strapping that is able help to automation the steel coil eye strapping online....


FHOPE is one of most experience coil strapping solution manufacturer in China which the strapping machine is a part of the steel coil packing line. By rich experience in the steel coil industry turnkey project, there are different strapping head and strapping way vary from strapping goal.

1.Higher Efficiency

Comparing to the manually strapping,automatic strapping equipments for steel coil no only help to increase the strapping speed, but also resolve the coil handling problem. It can reduce labor cost and operation error. Most of steel coil manufacturer using strapping system to solve problems in strapping inefficient and to improve the jam areas of the whole production and packing procession.

2. Operation Safety

The automatic strapping machine indludes the handling equipment for coil moving, tunring and upending. Both automatic handling and strapping can keep workers away from dangerous processesion for opeartion safety. No morne crane or forklifter hanging and manual binding opeartion. With the safety system by fence, light beam sensor, interlock, the operation environment can meets to the strict safety rules. 


Service with many steel coil packing line project, our team got rich experience for steel coil strapping that is quality assured, reliable and cost performance led to huge markat both China and international.Our product portfolio include a complete range of the steel coil strapping machines that includes any plastic, steel and wire strap. The customized solution used for multiple applications and in several different sectors.

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