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The pallet changer is a load handling equipment produced to changing the pallets on botton. These pallets can be upendding, lifting or pushing which allows exchanging the pallet between the internal & extenrnal. Also it is for the easy changing the broken pallet from the bottom of loaded. It is able changing the pallets or move the loads from one pallet to another without need rotation or turning. The application of the palelt changer is used in the food industry, pharmaceutical industries, daily chemical produdct...

Pallet Changer

  • Pallet Changer Heavy load

    Pallet Changer Heavy loadThe pallet changer is a heavy loading version for handling the big pallet which works for warehouse for forzen food pallet, medical products......

  • V-Shape pallet changer

    V-Shape pallet changerLoad Interrupt: The machine isolated from the the operators for safety pallet exchanging....

  • pallet changing machine

    pallet changing machineFloor level pallet changer, turn over the goods 90 degree without pallet, good machine for unreversable products....

  • 95 ° Pallet Exchanger

    95 ° Pallet ExchangerWith max.load up to 2T .The skid table designed for frozen product pallet remove and changing, a practical machine....

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