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Machine details:
1: meter counter:
with up and down wheel, precise encoder count length to centimeter.up and down wheel are made with aluminum alloy material, up wheel is sprayed with ceramic and hardness process, down wheel is covered with strong glue to prevent hurting wire,install single direction bearing to prevent wire inversion
2. coiling head:
  air pressure promoter automatically control take-up and pay-off and automatically open and close when winding vertical, automatically stop take-up when reach pre-set length, then coiling head opening
3 .traverse:
Computer control traverse, servo motor drives,
4.portal cutter:
Portal cutter,automatic cutting wire when wire reel reach pre-set length. Cutter is made with special steel material and vacuum heating processed, higher hardness and longer lifetime
5. control system:human-computer interface, touch screen operation.central computer system can control winding speed , wire reel length ,alarm , speed adjust, indicator , emergent stop and reset etc function.can change wire reel length , wire diameter , wire speed during machine running.
 Automatic steel wire coiling and strapping machine-FPCL-W500
n Eye through type strapping.
n Program control for automatic strapping.
n Automatic positioning for different coils.
n Tension adjustable for different wire coil.
n Connects with coiling machine.
n Taper roll with lifting and downing function.
n 3-6 places strapping.
Technical date:
Strap width         8mm
Strap thickness         0,8 mm         
Type of strap         Polyester
Strap quality            Smooth /High quality polyester strap
Type of joint            By friction - vibration         
Joint location          The strapping is performed in the front part of the wire coil.
Joint efficiency          Approx. 75-80% of the breaking load of the strap (mentioned quality).
This device includes the PP belt pay-off unwinding device for the purpose of accumulating the PP belt . There are movable wheels will feedback the signal of belt feeding speed to pay-off stand,


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