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Automatic copper coil packaging line | Brass coil packing

The copper coil packing line is an integrated system that automates the copper coil processing from the copper coil slitting line to the packaging and storage system. This system ensures a smooth and efficient process that reduces labor costs and minimizes the risk of damage or deformation to the copper coils during transportation and storage. With its advanced features and reliable performance, t

Automatic copper coil packaging line | brass coil sheet


 Automatic copper coil packaging line manufacturer

In the copper coil production, the manufacturer pack attention to the packaging since the copper coils are a valuable products that asking good packaging codition for protection. In the coil slitting line,the big brass coil often uncoiled from large spools and then slitted and coiled tightly into smaller copper strips. These coils are t need to be well protection packaged and transported to warehouses or factories by a team of packers. The Copper coil packaging lines desgined and manufacturied by FHOPE for for automation these protection packaging procession. It is a series of machines and equipment that improving the packing safety and efficiency that ensures your slitting line is running smoothly and efficiently without jam.


From the slitting production line to the warehouse, copper coil packing line has numerous devices and equipment that will achieve automatic conveying, packaging, strapping... without any gaps. With this solution, only one people required in the whole line operation.

FHOPE manufactures market-approved copper coil packaging line systems that provide good packaging per different specification and packaging goal need. The main solution is about horizontal forms copper coil eye to sky packagging which makes the copper coil move on flow stream conveyors at variable speeds.

Our goal is to ensure reliable and optimum packing line performance with a Service Contract. Besides the online remote monitor and assistant, our team providing the globe on site service for installation and commission.Your equipment can be serviced by Fhope Packaging technicians on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis, depending on your requirements.

Basic data:

Copper Coil info
OD: 500-1200mm,    ID:300-610mm,    Width 10-300mm
by PP or PET
Packing material
Paper: ID50mm,   OD450mm,   width90-120mm
Strech film
ID50mm,   OD100-180mm,   width90-120mm
Packing speed
40-60 coils per hour
Option available
Power supply 
Per requirement



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