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Automatic Steel wire coil packing machine

The automated steel wire coil packaging solutions designed for fullfill the automatic packing after the steel wire drawing. Driven by a commitment to innovation, Fhope has developed cost-effective products that solve key problems in the wire industry including reducing manual labor, improving packaging efficiency and safety, and increasing throughput. Fhope's automated steel coil wire packaging so

Automatic wire coil packing machine


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The automatic steel wire coil packaging machine is a horizontal type wire coil packing solutions that includes the in & out feeding conveyor with ring type coil wrapper for the steel wire coil handling and packaging. That serves for wire drawing industry. Our dedication to the wire drawing and packaging has driven the innovation of cost-effective products that solve key issues like labor costs, packaging efficiency, and safety.



Modular construct easy for operation
Mechanization wrapping is higher efficiency than manual package
Wide range of applicability, special size product will make a special design
No risk of product damage with humanized design and manufacture
Extremely low cost of consumable and energy
Machine operation at low noise level
Short set-up times required
Adjustable product advancement speed using inverter
Machine is occupied with a quick change dispenser for the wrapping material
Tension of stretch film is variable,it is important in order not to damage the products

2) Basic characteristics:
Wire wrapping machine for PC wire, GI wire, spring wire... that was designed mainly for metallurgical industries. The machine could be widely used in the exterior wrapping of circular articles with automatic in-feeding, packing material calculation, cutting...

3) Features:
1. Equipment with PLC & HMI program system for automatic wrapping.                                  
2. Excellent collections. Well-known brands are adopted for main components.
3. The overlap of packing tape can be adjusted by inverter.
4. Turing ring on the bottom can make the operation easier and safer.                            
5. Difference packing material can be choosing.                                    
6. Automatic position per different wire coil size OD
7. Packing tape tension can be adjusted by special brake device.
8. Supporting rollers are covered by polyurethane.                                     
9. Special side protective rollers used to make big size of coils stable and safe.
10. 4 sides protective rollers are used making coils fixed & stable.               
11. Distance between protective rollers can be adjusted for different size of coils.
12. Separate electrical box for safe operation and technical testing and trouble-shooting.control panel
13. Guardrail is used for safety operation.
14. Soft stop and start
15. Packing position reset.
16. Ring speed is adjustable by inverter.
17. Rolls speed is adjustable by inverter.
18. Friction between wheel and ring is adjustable.
19. PU wheel which long life using.
20. Roller conveyor for in-feeding and out-feeding.

Technical parameter:

Machine Model
Object weight
Package width
Package OD
Package ID
Roller Speed
Rotating speed
Overlap scope
Power output
app. 3.8kw

Power voltage
380v/50Hz 3phase
Packing material

Stretch film/Paper

ID:50mm    OD:150-250mm    Width:120mm

Our sales, equipment service, customer service and engineering departments can help you design the optimum protective automatic wire packaging solutions for your application.

1. Q: How does the automatic steel wire coil packaging machine work?

A: The automatic steel wire coil packaging machine is a horizontal type packing solution designed for handling and packaging steel wire coils. It consists of an in-feeding conveyor, a ring type coil wrapper, and an out-feeding conveyor. The machine operates as follows:

  1. The steel wire coil is placed on the in-feeding conveyor, which transports it to the wrapping station where the ring type coil wrapper is located.
  2. The ring wrapper rotates around the steel wire coil, applying a protective film or other packaging material evenly and securely around the coil.
  3. Once the wrapping process is completed, the out-feeding conveyor transports the packaged coil away from the wrapping station for further handling or storage.

2. Q: What are the key benefits of using an automatic steel wire coil packaging machine?

A: The automatic steel wire coil packaging machine offers several advantages, including:

  1. Efficiency: The machine automates the packaging process, significantly increasing productivity compared to manual methods.
  2. Consistency: The machine ensures a consistent and uniform application of packaging material, providing better protection for the steel wire coils.
  3. Flexibility: The machine can be easily adjusted to accommodate different coil sizes and packaging materials.
  4. Safety: By automating the packaging process, the machine reduces the risk of workplace injuries associated with manual handling of heavy steel wire coils.

3. Q: Can the automatic steel wire coil packaging machine be customized for specific requirements?

A: Yes, the automatic steel wire coil packaging machine can be customized to meet specific requirements. Manufacturers can tailor the machine to accommodate different coil sizes, types of packaging materials, and additional features as needed. Customizations may include:

  1. Modifications to the in-feeding and out-feeding conveyors for seamless integration with existing production lines.
  2. Adjustments to the ring type coil wrapper to accommodate different packaging materials, such as stretch film, woven fabric, or paper.
  3. Integration of additional safety features, such as emergency stop buttons or safety guarding.
  4. Incorporation of advanced control systems for improved monitoring and management of the packaging process.




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