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Big size bearing packing machine manufacturer

Big size bearing packing machine | For wind turbine,supportive bearing

FHOPE providing the big size bearaing packaging solution that works for supportive bearing, wind bearing, wind turbine, blade bearing, slewing ring bearing...
It is able wrapping and handling the bearing with high efficiency to replace the man work that makes the packaging tight and nice. Further more, the machine is safety more than manual procession in the bearing packaging.

The solution designed with following function:

Wrapping station moving:

It is for adjusting the wrapping position for different bearing size that makes machine works for bearing OD: 1000-6500mm

One time three layers packing:

It is able carry the 3 rolls packing material for one coil three layers packing just one time with: VCI film+ stretch film+ stretch film.

Oil blower:

The tank and pump with special sprayer for spraying the oil to the bearing at the same time of the wrapping .

Automatic packing material feeder:

The cutter for clamping and cutting the packing material that is the replace the manual packing materials tying and cutting.

Technical parameter FPCA-6000:

Object weight: 500-12000kg
Package width: 150-600mm
Package OD: 2900-5000mm
Package ID: 2500-4200mm
Operator: one people
Wrapping speed: app. 60-110sec/coil (with three layers one time packing option)
Roller Speed:2-4m/min
Rotating speed: 20-60r/min
Overlap scope:10%-90%
Power output: app. 4.5kw
Power voltage:200v/60Hz 3phase
Packing material: VCI FILM
ID:50mm  OD:100-300mm  Width:200mm
               STRETCH FILM
ID:50mm  OD:100-300mm  Width:300mm  


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