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The FPC-200 is a specialized machine designed for packing copper coils, with a width range of 20mm-200mm. It is also referred to by other names, such as the copper wire wrapping machine, copper coil packing machine, cable coil wrapping machine, and horizontal steel coil packing machine. Focusing on high efficiency, excellent packaging, and cost savings, the FPC-200 is a reliable and effective choi

FPC-200 Copper coil wrapper


Copper coil wrapping machinery

1. Vertical model, can according to special requirements for high table design.
2. PLC control program, HMI be optional.
3. English & Chinese 2 different display are available.
4. Indicator lamps red green yellow with different indication.
5. Automatically upon trouble occurrence, error will be listed on the control panel screen.
6. Wrapping layers can be one or two per packing require, auto cutting off material.
7. Tension control system, overlap 20%-90% be adjustable effectively & precisely.
8. Board structure can be height adjustable automatically or by manual with different OD of object.
9. Anti-wear polyurethane material, whole mould structure used for ring.
10. All rollers wrapped with wear-resisting rubber for product projection.
 Note: Machine Can be designed according your specification.



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