The automatic strapping machine for steel coil, steel pipe, steel tube, steel wire, aluminum profile...

Automatic Strapping Machine

Automatic Strapping Machine

The automatic strapping solution for steel coil, steel tube, steel wire... The solution includes the steel belt, PET, PP from semiauto to autoation system with steel belt or PET

How The Manufacutrer Helps Your Automation In Strapping


In today’s manufacturing facilities, typically strapping procession is rely on the manual or physical labor or semiauto strapping machine. Reducing your dependency on manual work through automation has the potential to increase your revenue and efficiency. Compare to the other industry, the metallugical and steel industry asking the strapping automation urgently. If the strapping and packing procession optimize in your project plan, the strapping procession will be speed up the processes without high lobor cost and less maintenance and energy costs. Investing in a high-quality strapping system is one of the best automation decisions to make investment return fast because it offers many benefits. 

As a manufacturer, FHOPE not only is comprehensive as a supplier, but also a comprehensive manufacturer. There are many high-quality strapping machines, heads and complete machines, as well as steel and polyester belts and a large number of accessories come from FHOPE's factory.

As a automation system and turnkey project supplier, our team got rich experience on all aspects of strapping process summary. We don't pay attention to single products such as tools, machines or belts. Starting from the whole packing line, the automation system solution is one of our main focus, and our team helos to getting the perfect strapping process. As a system supplier, we can directly contact and influence all individual components, so as to achieve perfect packing line.

Some modification for the strap size and even their material characteristics can be customized. If necessary, we can choose or  modify the sealing technology or design a brand-new sealing technology according to customers' requirements. We can design new tools and heads. Although our strapping machine is standardized to a certain extent, if necessary, we can propose modified or complete new concepts to meet the needs of customers.



Here are seven ways banding equipment will improve your automated system: 

1.Greater Efficiency Automatic strapping equipment can reduce labor cost and human error. It can also solve these inefficient problems and improve the performance in key areas. Energy Efficiency The strapping machine can improve the energy efficiency by eliminating the heat in the sealing process. Our innovative solution uses ultrasonic wave to produce molecular seal on watchband. So we can save energy and use it well. Material Efficiency Automatic strapping system can reduce strapping material for you. He will measure the length and quantity of straps for you, and the automatic strapping system will automatically calibrate the size of any bundles and cut and seal the exact number of straps required. This can replace the manual slow operation process. 

2.Improved Safety Automation can keep workers away from dangerous processes, thus making the workplace safer. The potential safety hazard of manual bundling can be reduced. This kind of environment can reduce fatigue, keep your team alert and be less likely to get hurt. Automatic equipment also greatly reduces the possibility of tripping hazard. Compared with the traditional automatic strapping system, the sealing technology can also improve the safety. Unlike heat sealing systems, ultrasonic systems do not produce smoke or odor. 

3.Lower Maintenance Costs The more reliable the automation equipment is, the less frequent maintenance is required. The longer the service life of a single part, the lower its life cost. Many of our components are designed to reduce wear and tear, and the sealing of bearings can stop dust and debris. An efficient machine can run for a longer time with less maintenance.


Maintaining the relationship with customers is very important for our suppliers. And customers' demands, we listened very carefully and recorded them. A perfect strapping solution can not be separated from our cooperation with customers.

FHOPE is a system supplier and complete manufacturer. Our services are inseparable from our rich experience and expertise, covering suggestions, customized solutions, process optimization and others. We always pay attention to the perfect strapping solution and comprehensive customer satisfaction.


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© Copyright 2023 SHAGNHAI FHOPE MACHINERY CO.,LTD - All Rights Reserved