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Hose coil packing machine manufacturer

The coil packing machine for pvc hose, PE pipe, corrugated pipe by stretch film, PE belt, paper...

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The following is a hose wrapping machine for horizontal packing by stretch film, PE logo film.
Horizontal hose coil wrapping machine FPCA-200
  1. All the switchgear & Isolation Transformer, control hardware would be given by Fhope & is housed in panel.
  2. All field wiring with Push Button Stations, Terminal Boxes, & Junction Boxes would be given.
  3. All the Electrification with Field I/P Sensors, PRX, LS with Solenoids & other outputs are included in line.
Our qualification for reference:
*An ISO9001:2000 and CE certified company.
*Expert manufacturer with more than 18 years' experience in the coil packing field.
*Providing reliable and high-quality coil wrap machine.
*Providing custom-built hose packing machines according to special requirement.
*Providing update and on-time technical support.
*Long-term, reliable and easy operation.

Horizontal hose coil wrapping machine FPCA-200



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