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Cable winding & strapping machine with palletizing stacking machine

The cable winding and strapping solution is an efficient system designed for wire cables, electric cables, cable shrinking, and strapping. With a speed of up to 2 coils per minute, this system can efficiently wrap and strap cables for transportation and storage. The cables are wrapped with a film to provide excellent protection during handling and transportation. With its advanced features and rel

Automatic cable coiling | Strapping | Stacking Machine


Auto cable coiling wrapping &stacking packing line

FHOPE provides the Full-auto cable coiling & wrapping packaging line includes the stacking function together. The coiling and packing processs automatically with no-man. That is an user-friendly machine meets the cable coil spefication and packing demands with easy, quick, power on type start-up. All design conform to CE guidelines under the latest technology and for cable industrial application.



Throught this automatic cable coiling, wrapping, stacking systems,the wide range of cable sizes prodcution to the warehouse storage steps are automatically. One man is able operating and monitoring 4-6lines. For automatic calculating the cable length, coil making and cutting off.The control system has a basic photocells for positioning and checking all the procession,then synchronize with wrapping and sealing stationfor palletizer coil stacking.


Technical Data:

Coiling /winding size
ID: 135mm-220mm
OD: 180-400mm
Height: 80-130mm 
Single cable diameter
Air supply
Coil feed style mode
Hold coil type
Meter counter
Power voltage
AC 380V, 50HZ, 3 phase 

With PLC & HMI control program, the cable coiling, wrapping and stacking capable of speeds up to 2 coils/min, the system is designed for integration with production online or payoff machine off-line.




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