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PVC hose coil packing machine | rubber coil packing machin

The coil wrapping machine is equipped with a tension controller and a press-down device that efficiently wrap light and small hose coils as well as PVC pipe coils. It uses stretch film to provide excellent packaging and protection for the products.

Light hose coil packing machine FPS-300H


Light hose coil packing machine FPS-300H-1 Light hose coil packing machine FPS-300H-2 Light hose coil packing machine FPS-300H-manufacturer Light hose coil packing machine FPS-300H-for sale

Light hose coil packing machine FPS-300H

The hose coil wrapping machine is a type of industrial machine used to wrap flexible hoses coil into packing material that is good for organized coils for storage or shipping.

This type hose coil wrapping machine uses a motorized system to rotate the hose while simultaneously wrapping it with a layer of packing material for ring turning. The packing material available for this machine is plastic film or tape.

The hose wrapping machine equipped with tension controller and press down device helps to wrapping the light and small and light PE hose coils.

The loading and operation height 850mm for manual loading and unloading.

Top press down device for holding the coil in wrapping, which is able avoid the coil shanking in wrapping and the enable the light coil turning with proper friction.

Packing material fixes on the ring for high-speed hose coil wrapping.

Mi. Weight of the coil can be 2Kg without shape deforming with good tension control.

Packing speed 60-90 coils per hour.

For the more information please download the file that shows the machine data and technical information with operation steps.



Technical parameter

Machine Model
ID of Coil
OD of Coil
Main wrapping speed(high/low)
Max speed of ring 
Power supply 
380V 60Hz 3P 
Power consumption
Packing material
Stretch film:


Paper (optional)

Special requirement
Customized available

Light hose coil packing machine FPS-300H



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