The stationary pallet inverter is the device that can be rotated at random 180 degrees to make pallet exchange fast and easy in safety area and handling way.
The stationa pallet inverter also used to quickly replace damaged pallets during transportation to minimize losses. It has different application in some medicine, food and other powder products, it is necessary to carry out regular rotation of the product, to prevent the product powder agglomeration, settlement or deterioration.
By choosing the pallet inverters or flipping devices the operator can handlign the heavy load in simplifies way that makes the process and reduces the risk of injury to personnel during work.
In transportation and storage shifting the goods may damaged  at the bottom of the goods.The pallet inverter device will flipping and make it easier to retrieve and replace damaged items without having to reclassify and disrupt the entire transportation system.This will save your employees a lot of time and effort. Pallet inverters can also be used to move goods from one type of pallet to another type of different pallet.This can be useful in cleaner production facilities, such as those where materials
brought in on wooden pallets need to be transferred to sanitary plastic bases during processing.If you need a flip device to handle your material, the pallet inverter facilitates the transfer of goods from pallets to planks


Stationary Pallet Inverter

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 Pallet inverters can reserve you money


Are you all set to move or preserving pallets in your factory or warehouse? Maybe spending in a pallet inverter is correct for you. Pallet inverters can reserve you money on ruined goods, labor and pallet charges and it can hold things in the factory or warehouse coherent, ordered and more effective. The starting investment of a pallet inverter may appear to be costly but it pays for itself in the competent years as it increases effectiveness and makes business functions more methodically. The pallet inverters are actually a large piece of equipment but they mean that minimum manpower is required to do the job, therefore expanding your business. With the time saved, trained workforce is discharged to do their perfect functions and injuries to employees are lessened. You will also curtail costs by holding the less number of pallets on rent. Incoming goods can be switched to the apt pallet for your application: · plastic or aluminum in disinfected sensitive areas · in-house racking pallets

 · particular sized or styled pallets which your own managing system is planned around

· Inexpensive pallets if you like to use them but your supplier doesn’t.

Outgoing goods can be relocated from your own option of in-house pallets to a variety of other options like:

· wood pallets where plastic or aluminum are utilized in production

 · Dispensable or one trip pallets, where the customer is doubtful to return or change good ones

 · slip sheet or other slim pallets necessarily saving on cubage weight and pallet prices · customers respective pallets · sling bags

 · Inexpensive pallets where you like to preserve long lived on your own pallets but your customer likes to get pool pallets.

· Also utilized for the simple inclusion of Freezer Spacers



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