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Hose Wrapping Machine Sloution

hose coil packing macine
FHOPE has different series hose coil wrapping machine used to hose coil, plastic pipe packaging, which is with highly efficiency and nice packaging for saving labor and material cost. It adopts packing material as PE film, paper, LLDPE, HDPE woven. The higher packing speed is upto 15sec/coil. There are different solution adopted to HDPE pipe, PVC PIPE... Three types hose coil packing solution:
  1. Vertical hose and pipe coil wrapper
  2. Horizontal hose and pipe coil wrapper
  3. Automatic hose and pipe coil wrapper
 Currently Fhope packaging manufactures a full line of hose packaging line, pipe coil packaging...Pipe and hose wrapping machine can automatically coiling the machine, conveying, wrapping. Automatic coil bagging is available too. It saves the labor cost greatly. Fhope packaging also manufactures sealing machines for coil shrinking and wrapping.

1.Adopting world famous brands for main components.
Guardrails equipped for object loading and unloading.
3.Inverter for adjusting Wrapping Ring speed and Rolls speed. 
4.Different kinds of packing material can be using on machine.
5.Independent electrical cabinet and with trouble-shooting for safe operation.


FPH-200-500N FPH-200-500W FPS-200H-300H FPCA-100-300
hose coil horizontal wrapping video vertical hose coil hose coil vertical wrapping video hose coil wrapping packing vertical hose coil wrapping packing horizontal hose wrapping machine


Hose packaging machine

  • Corrugated hose stretch wrapping machine

    Corrugated hose stretch wrapping machineThe stretch wrap machine special designed for ligght corrugated hose coil packing.Packing material stretch film....

  • Light hose coil packing machine FPS-300H

    Light hose coil packing machine FPS-300HThe coil wrapping machine equipped with tension controller and press down device helps to wrapping the light and small hose coil, pvc pipe coil wrapping by stretch film with good packaging...

  • Hose Coil packing machinery FPH-200N

    Hose Coil packing machinery FPH-200NOne hose coil packing machine save your four staff in wrapping!!!FPH Hose coil wrapping machine with packing speed upto 15-25sec/pcs for hose coil,pvc pipe,hdpe pipe...which can be with very efficiency and good wrapping for saving material and labor cost. This is a hose coil eyes straight wrapping machinery, which can be for smal...

  •  Hose wrapping machine FPH-300N

    Hose wrapping machine FPH-300NFPH-300 Hose coil wrapping machine, saves your four staff in corrugated hose wrapping!!!FPH coil stretch wrapper and equipment working for your film stretch wrapping...This is a hose coil eye vertical wrapping machinery, which is for small and light coils. ...

  • Hose Coil wrapping machinery FPH-400W

    Hose Coil wrapping machinery FPH-400WHose Coil wrapping machinery FPH-400 is mainly used to hose coil, plastic pipe packaging requirement, which is with highly efficiency and nice packaging for saving labor and material cost. This is a hose coil eye vertical wrapping machinery, which is for small and light coils.FPH Hose coil wrapping machinery with packing speed 15...

  • Hose Coil wrapping machinery FPH-500W

    Hose Coil wrapping machinery FPH-500WHose coil wrapper,pipe coil wrapper,hose pipe packing machine adopts streth film,HDPE, able to provide a nice anti moisture,anti dust package for plastic and rubber industry.This is a hose coil eye vertical wrapping machinery, which is for small and light coils. ...

  • horizontal hose coil packing machine FPCA-100

    horizontal hose coil packing machine FPCA-100The horizontal type coil packing machine mainly for wrapping the hose coil, cable coil, pipe coil in eye to sky. The machine is able turning the coil 360 degree and wrapping it by film/paper fixs on the ring....

  • Horizontal hose coil wrapping machine FPCA-200

    Horizontal hose coil wrapping machine FPCA-200One of hose coil packing machine for horizontal packing the soft coil which is able support the soft coil to avoid it deforming. The Max. Width 300mm. And it can be customized for different packaging requirement....

  • Horizontal hose coil wrapping machine FPCA-300

    Horizontal hose coil wrapping machine FPCA-300The hose coil packing machine with conveyor in the wrapping station which is able connects to the automatic coiler and downender for online coil packing. The packing material tail can be tapping by automatic device....

  • Automatic hose wrapping machine line

    Automatic hose wrapping machine lineAutomatic hose coil packing line designed for corrugated hose coil, PVC pipe coil, PE pipe coil packaging.It is a horizontal type coil stretch wrapper for online packing by one operator. The control system is PLC&HMI. Automatic film feeder and cutter......

  • Hose coiling and strapping machine

    Hose coiling and strapping machineAutomatic hose/Pipe coiling and strapping machine and automataic pipe coiler for winding the HDPE PIPE, Corrugated coil packaging from automatic winding machine to stacking machine.. The automatic tube coiling& strapping machinery all conform to CE guidelines and have been designed using the latest technology and design criteria ...

Wihtout the hose coil packing machine solution, the packing procession will spending the main part of the manual effort in the hose pipe production. The extruder is running automatically 24 hours without stop, so it need the manaul or semiatuo coiling and packing the hose coil in 3 shift. That is trouble in the labor shortage area.

Most of the hose factory using the semiauto hoe coil packing equipments in the coiling and wrapping. But some factory still using the manual packaging way.  One semiauto hose packing machine is able replce 2-4 peoples. By replacing the man work by enquipment helps to creat more benifit in the prodution.

FHOPE providing the hose packing solution from hose length checking, hose coiling, winding , hose coil strapping, hose coil film wrapping and hose coil stacking on pallet. The packing machine can be semiauto or automatically at each step in packaging. Also, there are automation turn key project service to make the whole packaging procession automatically with Iot and MES system. So that the increasing the efficiency greatly between the extruder and stacking warehouse.



 Although the automatic hose coiler and strapping machine machine is at the earlier stage of the large scale application, the conveyor and automatic wrapping machine can be a good way to lowe the labour intensity. It helps to connect the winding machine with automatic hose coil infeeding, wrapping and out feeding.

hose coil packing machine photo

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