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The FPT series tire packaging machine is mainly used in the packaging of the tire, as well as the hose reel, tube roll, etc. The advantage is that it is efficient, saving labor and material cost.
 The machine is waterproof, dustproof, rustproof, rust-proof, anti-aging effect. And effectively protect the normal operation of the machine. This design will not only help you save labor, save your warehouse space, improve your productivity, but also decorate your product effectively.
There are different tyre packing machine versions via tyre size, weight...
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Tyre packing machines

  • Automatic horizontal tyre stretch wrapper

    Automatic horizontal tyre stretch wrapperThe horizontal stretch wrapper is a specialized machine used for the online handling and packing of tyres. Its primary function is to wrap one or more tyres together, providing a convenient option for bundling tyres. With this machine, the process of packaging and shipping tyres becomes more efficient and streamlined, reducing th...

  • Automatic Tire Packaging Line

    Automatic Tire Packaging LineThe automatic tyre packing line is a cutting-edge automation system consisting of a horizontal tyre wrapping machine, information reading and sending modules, and tyre palletizing equipment. This high-level packing line is capable of automatically tapping the tyre OD and exchanging packing materials. Moreover, the system can be c...

  • Tyre Packing Machine FPT-400

    Tyre Packing Machine FPT-400The automatic packaging machine for large tires and rolls is a revolutionary solution that eliminates the need for manual tyre packaging. The machine features a fixed packing material adjacent to the packing table, which automatically calculates the required length and cuts the material accordingly. The equipment supports various...

  • Tyre Packing Machine FPT-300

    Tyre Packing Machine FPT-300The tyre packing machine is a highly effective solution for achieving high-quality packing of tyres and improving their overall appearance. Its easy-to-use design makes it a popular choice among users. Moreover, the machine can be customized based on specific customer requirements, ensuring that all functions are in line with the...

  • Tyre Packing Machine FPT-200

    Tyre Packing Machine FPT-200The motorcycle tyre packaging machine is specifically designed for lightweight tyres, effectively preventing them from shaking during the packaging process. By automating the tyre packaging process, the machine eliminates the need for manual labour, making it a more efficient and cost-effective solution for packaging motorcycle ...

The tyre packing machine is a specialized wrapping machine designed to package tyres using an eye-through wrapping technique. The machine is typically used in the automotive industry, particularly in the production and distribution of tyres.

The process involves placing the tyre on the machine's turntable and feeding the packing material through the tyre's center. The machine then automatically wraps the packing material around the tyre, ensuring that it is evenly and tightly applied. The packing material used can be stretch film, shrink film or other materials, and the machine can be customized to suit the specific needs of the product.

Benefits of the tyre packing machine:

Increasing efficiency in the packaging process,
protection of the tyres during transportation and storage,
Improved aesthetics of the final product.
Reduce labor costs by automating the packaging process,
Ensuring the consistent packaging, regardless of the operator.

It is a valuable investment for any automotive manufacturer or distributor looking to streamline their packaging process and protect their products during transit.

The solution availabe from semiauto wrapping machine to the automatic packing system for turning key projects


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