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The coil packing machine for pvc hose, PE pipe, corrugated pipe by stretch film, PE belt, paper...

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Hose Coil packing machinery FPH-200N is mainly used in garden hose coil and plastic pipe packaging, which can save material and labor cost, and with a highly efficiency and convenient packing. This is a hose reel with eye - wrap machinery that special designed for small and light coils.
Hose wrapping machines can be with very efficiency and good wrapping for saving material and labor cost. 

1.Suitable for a wide range of packaging materials
2. Original packing position reset function.
3.. Manual and automatic work mode, simple operation.
4. The frequency converter is used to adjust the ring and roll speed.
5. Adjust the overlapping packing belt as required.
6. Stop automatically.
7. Guardrail, ring soft start and stop, operation safety.
8.Supportive rollers for guiding hose coil in wrapping.
 9. The packing tension can be adjusted by a special circuit breaker.
10. Alarm automatically when the failure occurs. The fault can be displayed automatically.
11. Special brake device to avoid material folding.
12. The efficiency of packaging is high.
Note: it can be designed according to specifications.


Voltage (V/Hz) AC 380/50( or your requirement)
Power (KW) 1.5
Coil ID(mm) 150-200
Coil OD(mm) 250-500
Coil width(mm) 30-200
Coil Weight(Kg) 3-20
Packing material LLDPE/PE/Stretch film/PVC/
Ring speed(r) 30-80
Wrapping speed 15-35sec/pcs
Overlapping rate 20-90%

Hose Coil packing machinery FPH-200N



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