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Horizontal steel coil packing machine | Horizontal coil wrapper

FHOPE pack has designed a steel coil wrapping and packing machine which consists of an upender, a coil station, and a wrapping packing system that uses various materials such as film, PP woven, and paper. This machine is specifically designed to efficiently and effectively wrap and pack steel coils for transportation and storage.

Horizontal steel coil packing machine FPCA-1200



FPCA-1200 is a horizontal steel coil packing machine FPCA series, which special design for big size coil wrapper packing, such as steel coil, copper coil, metal roll...

Packing material can be chosen per packing requirements. For example, PE stretch film, HDPE/ PVC /PP film, Woven sheet and paper roll...

This horizontal coil packing solution include the coil upender, conveyor and automatic wrapping machine. It helps to receive the coil from slitting line by crane handling with ID to wall. And it turning the coil for changing the coil ID to sky. So that the steel coil will be wrapping eye throgh by ring with packing material.

Technical data:

1. Exceptional component selection. Only renowned brands are used for key components.

2. Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) integration for seamless coil packaging.

3. Conveyor compatibility, facilitating smooth loading and unloading of coils.

4. Ring speed customization through adjustable inverters.

5. Automated warning system to alert users of any operational issues.

6. Support rollers designed to elevate coils from the conveyor during the wrapping process.

7. Inverters configured to modify the wrapping tape overlap rate as per specific needs.

8. Adjustable wrapping material tension for optimal packaging.

9. Converter-controlled supportive roller speed adjustment.

10. Automated processes for clamping, feeding, and cutting wrapping materials.

11. Versatility to accommodate various packing materials.

12. Gradual start and stop, along with ring jog features, prolong the machine's operational lifespan.

13. Ring repositioning to original placement.

14. Overlapping customization, ranging from 10% to 90%.

15. Conveniently located packing material storage near the wrapping station.

16. Centralizing mechanism to maintain product alignment and prevent light coil movement during wrapping.


Technical parameters:

Package item
Steel coil | Slitting coil
100- 2500kg 
Package width
Package OD
Package ID
Ø508 - 610mm
Roller Speed
Wrapping speed
Ring rotating speed
Power voltage
main 380 VAC (+/- 5%), 50Hz, 3 Phase 4 Wire
control 220VAC, 1Ph/24VDC
Air supply

Packing material
PEcoated crepe paper
ID:50mm  OD:200-500mm  Width:100mm

Reason to bay:

FHOPE's horizontal coil packing solution is an innovative and efficient system designed to handle steel coils with ease.

a. This system consists of three main components: the coil upender, conveyor, and automatic wrapping machine.

b. The coil upender is responsible for flipping the coil horizontally, making it easier to handle during the packaging process.

c. The conveyor then transports the coil to the automatic wrapping machine, which expertly applies a protective wrapping material around the coil to prevent damage during transport and storage.

One of the key benefits of this system is its ability to handle coils with minimal human intervention, increasing efficiency and reducing labor costs. The horizontal orientation of the coil also ensures easy handling, as it is less cumbersome and easier to maneuver.

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