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Automatic bearing packing machine|bearing wrapping equipment

This machine is designed to provide a reliable and efficient packaging solution for bearings. It is an online and automatic system that can be customized to meet specific requirements, such as size, packing material, and handling needs. With its advanced features, the machine can significantly improve the packaging process's speed and accuracy and companies can ensure that their products are pack

Automatic bearing packing machine




Fhopepack provides customzied automatic beaing packing solution for different bearing size packaging requirement. We are dedicated to work on improving our technology and workmanship for making the best machines and for improving the quality and capacity in bearing industry.

Basic features of wrapping station

Excellent collections. Well-known brands are adopted for main electric components.
Manual positioning for each coil.
Supportive rollers can up/down for wrapping and conveyor.
Supportive rollers are PU coated.
The converter is adopted to adjust the wrapping speed according to requirement.
The overlap of packing tape can be adjusted by inverter.
Guardrails, soft starts and stop for safety operation.
Packaging tension is adjustable.
Difference packing material can be chosen. 
Friction between wheels and ring is adjustable.
Packing tension can be adjusted.
Guardrails, soft start and stop are for safety operation.
Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs by lamp.
A separate electrical cabinet ensures safety operation and maintenance.
Conveyor system
Structure: Galvanized Roller conveyor
Conveying mode: Unpowered input and output
Products input and output by manually
Conveyor length: 800mm input & 800mm output
Rollers: Anti-wear and durable
Supportive rollers: PU coated
Reference operation process
The coil be hoisted/taken and positioned into the wrapping station;
Operate the button to start to wrap automatically;
Time relay( PLC system)  for stop the ring when wrapping is finished;
Cut the film by manual;
The coil conveyed out by manual after packing finished.
Repeat the above actions for the next coil.
1. PLC&HMI control system
PLC program for automatic bearing wrapping packing through ID.
HMI for easy touch screen operation.
Indicator alarms used for trouble occurs. 
Operation panel for easy daily maintenance.
Speed can be adjusted on touch screen.
Wrapping automatically positioning start and stop on touch screen.

Technical parameter :

Coil width(W)
Coil outer diameter(OD)
300-800 mm
Coil inner diameter(ID)
Coil weight
Packaging material

Cast small diamond polyolefin film

ID: 76mm    OD: 150mm    WIDTH: 40-50mm

Ring speed
20- 90r/min
Infeed unpowered conveyor
Outfeed unpowered conveyor
Overlap rate
Power output
about 1.8KW

Power supply
380v/3 phase/50Hz
Air supply



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