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Steel coil wrapping machine-FPS-300
PW-300 is flexible for various specifications of steel coil packing. It can help customer to get high packing efficiency, labor saving, good packing goal and safety workshop government. For coil packing, it will have qualified characters of dust-proof, product surface protection and water resistant.

Steel coil wrapping machine can operate with moving coils by crane. By C-hooking, vertical FPW-300 coil packing machine is perfect equipment to loading or unloading the coil into and out of packing station.


Steel coil wrapping machine supplies good handling solution for customers by lots of packaging adjustment options. Large size range, adjustable speeds of carrier roller rotation, ring wrapping, packing material tension and overlapping, are convenient elements of this equipment.


Manual button operation mode and one-key automatic running method

Height of mainframe is adjustable to make ring rotate in the center of the coil.

Protective roller, carrier roller, are special coating for steel coil protection.

Emergency stop and light indicator to help operator deal with the error.

Voltage (V/Hz) 380v 50Hz 3Phase
Power (KW) 1.5kw
Steel wire coil ID(mm) >300
Steel wire coil OD(mm) 500-800
Steel wire coil width(mm) 100-300mm
Steel wire coil Weight(Kg) 10-200kg
Packing material PVC/LLDPE/PE/PAPER/HDPE
ID:50mm  OD:100-250mm  Width:100-300mm
Overlapping rate 10%-90%
Air supply. No

Steel coil wrapping machine-FPS-300



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