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The coil packing machine for pvc hose, PE pipe, corrugated pipe by stretch film, PE belt, paper...

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Hose Coil wrapping machinery FPH-500W is mainly for big and heavy rubber pipe coil, hydraulic pipe coils... It is easy loading and unloading the coil for wrapping. This is a hose coil with the eyes of the vertical packing machine.

As per the variegated requirements of our clients, we are offering a broad collection of hose wrapping machine.



1. Packing material is not restricted.
2. The original packing location at the bottom of the reset.
3. Manual and automatic switching mode.
4. The ring and roll can be adjusted by the inverter to change the speed.
5. Adjust 10% - 90% overlaps according to the requirements of the packaging.
6. When the hose is rolled up, the hose will stop automatically.
7. Safe operation guardrail, limit, ring soft start and soft stop.
8. Special brake device to avoid the folding of material.
9. Special device regulating packaging tension.
10. Automatic display of different colors when the lights fail
11. The packing speed is 20-30 seconds per package.
12. The driving friction between ring and wheels are adjustable.
13..Coil supportive roller avoid shaking in wrapping.

Note: This is 500mm for the maximum width of the coil.

 Hose Coil wrapping machinery FPH-500W


Hose wrapping machine FPH-500W
Voltage (V/Hz) AC 380/50( or your requirement)
Power (KW) 2.5
Coil ID(mm) 200-500
Coil OD(mm) 900-1600
Coil width(mm) 100-500
Coil Weight(Kg) 25-200
Packing material LLDPE/PE/Stretch film/PVC/PP
Ring speed(r) 10-80
Wrapping speed 25-40sec/pcs
Overlapping rate 10-90%

Hose Coil wrapping machinery FPH-500W



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