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Fhopepack not only providing packing machine for your package protecting, but also offering packaging material such stretch film, BOPP film, PE film, VCI film, Stretch film, PVC Film... We are give you the best solution for the material which working perfect with machine, handling and operation.  We are providing global service by quality material and knowledgeable team. Our team believed in offering useful information about what is the film products, how to do packaging process, how it work with packing machinery. So our vision is to offer 24-hour information service on website introducing the knowledge of stretch film, PE Film, stretch hood film, BOPP film in packaging. Base on success of the packaging machine our obtain continued growth in film packing material. Fhopepack has stayed grounded to our company principles which is offering the best customer service and top quality products with best reasonable price. To achieve this we were continue to upgrade technology in film production by providing training to our production team which help us got improvement in production capabilities and high quality products. So that we can offering a compatible service with the high standard at a cost. As a reliable company, our factory are pursuit for providing in clean environment and low consumer production, safe working conditions. Our packing material are used to protect, cover, shrink wrap, and fasten package from production line to warehouse and transportation delivery. There are hand packing film material and machinery using material . To achieve this we shall, continue to upgrade technology and provide training to our human resources for continual improvement in capabilities and products which will be compatible with the global standards at a cost, which is value for money. We shall consistently have a pursuit for providing in discriminative, clean environment and safe working conditions at all levels of employees and to ensure good health for everyone which will help in maintaining value addition, towards dedicated service provisions in all aspects of our business. For better service, we now starting work about ship stretch film from warehouses in the United States. Beside we are offer our products in customize size.

chinese stretch wrapping machine

Propak Asia 2016 ProPak Asia 2016 is Asia's packing machine and pakcing materila ....




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