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cable wrapping machine

Cable packing machine 

Fhope group focuses on customizing semi-automatic and full-automatic cable packaging solutions to meet different requirements from different customers. Automatic cable packaging line, can complete a complete package process, from the cable length counting, cable coiling, cable winding and automatic cable packing. Different types of cable coil packaging solution can be provided by using stretch film, PVC and other materials.
  The packaging machine can complete a coil package in 15-25 seconds. The ring speed and rotating speed can be adjustable by inverters. In production, it is the most effective equipment connects to production line for automatic packing. By customized designing, the machine meets the requirements in saving space and saving labor cost for packaging .

  Fhope provides packaging solution for cable coil and cable coil market. Our dedication to cable wrapping machines has led to innovative, inexpensive products that address issues such as reduced, non-natural packaging. Our revenue, equipment services, customer engineering and service sectors can help you design the best defensive product packaging systems for your personal software. You are welcomed to contact us with Fhope cable packaging equipment. Our team will help you find the best type machine to meet your specifications perfectly.  
In a words, we are providing total solution for cable coil coiling, wrapping, strapping, shrinking and stacking solution.



There are cable coil packing solution from cable drum unwiding, accumulator, coiling and wrapping/strapping

auto cable coiling and wrapping machine cable coil wrapping machine auto cable packing line

cable coil packing machine videos

Cable packing machine

  • Automatic cable coiling | Strapping | Stacking Machine

    Automatic cable coiling | Strapping | Stacking MachineThe cable winding and strapping solution for wire cable, electric calbe, Cable shrinking, strapping.The speed upto 2 coil per minunte. cable wrapping by film...

  • Automatic cable coil strapping machine

    Automatic cable coil strapping machineThe automatic cable strapping machine for cable coiling and banding with speed upto 60pcs per hour. High successful strapping rate upto 99%...

  • Automatic Cable coiling and wrapping machine

    Automatic Cable coiling and wrapping machineThis packing line is mainly used to cable coil package. It can reduce mmore labor cost and time. That means that it brings you high efficiency and production....

  • Automatic cable winding/coiling machine

    Automatic cable winding/coiling machineIt is an automatic cable packign line.The orbital film carriage can make the film stretch evenly and tightly. It can save a lot of time and labor cost....

  • Cable coil wrapping machine FPCA 300

    Cable coil wrapping machine FPCA 300This machine is mainly used to cable coil package.It is connected with production line. It can help you save more time and material cost. That means it brings you highly efficiency and nice packaging....

  • Cable Coil Wrapping Machine FPCA 200

    Cable Coil Wrapping Machine FPCA 200This machine is designed for cable coil wrapping machine.It can pack efficiently and beautifully. It is easy to maintain and change.The biggest advantage is that it can be designed according your specification....

  • Cable Coil Packing Machine-FPCA100

    Cable Coil Packing Machine-FPCA100Fhope offer now special designed cable coil wrapping machine for cable ID:90mm only, which can do coil eye through wrapping in high speed. It can make your package good and nice. It is easy to operate and maintain....

  • Cable wrapping machine FPCW 200/300/400

    Cable wrapping machine FPCW 200/300/400The machine is mainly used to packaging of cable coil, copper coil, steel coil..The material, logo and label of the package can be chosen.It can ensure package good and nice. Also it is easy to operate....

cable packing machines

FHOPE providing the several series cable packing machines that include cable winding, cables strapping, cable coil wrapping, cable shrink wrap, cable stacking machine in quick and efficiently. With such machines: manual, semi-automatic or automatic that helps to save on labour and time on costs. If your team looking for automation the production, the automatiac cable packing machines will interest you. Fhope's automatic cable packing system asking for one people only in 10 production lines opeartion and monitoring.

The Cable Packaging Equipments can be used to many types of cable per diameter and length which is for a large variety of applications such as electric motors cable, power cable, communication cable...This packing equipment has been designed for 150+ cable manufacturer, and is also proving increasingly cable packages

In the convid-19 our egineers providing the un-stop network service across the world. By keeping the high level of after-sales service, there are both repairs and spare parts in  stock.



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