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The FPW series wire coil wrapping machine is specifically designed for packaging steel wire coils, copper coils, and other similar products. This highly efficient equipment provides an excellent packaging solution that helps to save labor, protect the products, and reduce material costs. With its advanced features and reliable performance, the FPW series is an ideal choice for businesses seeking a

Wire coil wrapping machine-FPW-400


Wire coil wrapping machine-FPW-400-1 Wire coil wrapping machine-FPW-400-2 Wire coil wrapping machine-FPW-400-manufacturer Wire coil wrapping machine-FPW-400-for sale

Model: Wire coil wrapping machine-FPW-400

FHOPE is an industry pioneer manufacturer in steel wire coil packaging machine solutions. Through continual technological and technical advancements, FHOPE offers wire coil wrapping machines that can accommodate a wide range of coil sizes, from 20-3,000 mm in width. These highly flexible machines can be customized in form and structure to suit customers' unique needs.

The floor-standing stationary-type steel wire coil packing machine is designed primarily for packaging steel wire coils and copper wire coils at the floor level. This affordable machine saves on labor costs and enhances product protection. Utilizing a rotating ring and turning rollers, the wrapping material is wound around the wire coil's surface.


1. PLC & HMI for automatic operation.
2. Lew working table height for easy loading and unloading on floor.
3. Automatiac strat and stop the wrapping
4. The converter is adopted to adjust the speed of the ring and rollers
5. Overlap of the packing tape according to requirement.
6. Automatic material cutting.                                                                      
7. Guardrails, soft starts and stop for safety operation.
8. Height of the machine adjusted by manually to fix for different coil OD and ID.
9. Packaging tension is adjustable by special breaker in the film roll
10. The rollers covered with PU that is to protect the surface of the wire coils.
11.Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Trouble can be shown automatically.
12. Two type packing material fixing way: On ring or Next to wrapping station.
13. Widely packing material applicable.

Technical Data

Machine Model
Voltage (V/Hz)
380v 50Hz 3Phase
Power (KW)
Steel wire coil ID(mm)
Steel wire coil OD(mm)
Steel wire coil width(mm)
Steel wire coil Weight(Kg)
Packing material





Overlapping rate
Air supply.
4-6 bar

 The steel wire coil packing machine is highly versatile equipment designed for medium-sized wire coil wrapping applications. It can accommodate a wide range of coil sizes and packaging materials to meet diverse product protection and cost requirements. The machine's intelligent control system allows for easy adjustment of all parameters through an interface, enabling smooth transition between different coil and packaging material types. Additionally, the control system's superior sensors and monitoring capabilities minimize errors while also providing operators with real-time feedback and alerts.

 Combined with rugged, heavy-duty construction and high-performance wrapping mechanisms, the machine's flexibility and control make it ideal for high-volume and high-mix coil wrapping needs. Optional upgrades such as automatic coil loading/unloading and conveyor integration are also available to further streamline the packaging process and scale operations.



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