automatic coil packing line & Steel tube packing line

Automatic packing line is a series of different packing lines with different function for achieving different packing goals.

Automatic Packing Line

Automatic Packing Line

Automatic packaging line from FhopePack. The main manufacturer and supplier of packaging machines in China. Find out quality and flexibility service. More information on our website.

Purchase an automatic packing line from the leading manufacturer

Fhope leads the way when it comes to manufacturing customized automatic packaging lines for coil, long shape products. Our production capabilities along with relevant expertise allow us to supply you with top-quality systems that can be easily integrated into your factory. If you buy an entire line instead of a single element of it, our engineers will work extra hard to let you start manufacturing as fast as possible. We will customize any part of the line to suit your needs better. Whether it is about packing hoses, pipes, or wires, our equipment can contribute to the effectiveness of this procedure. Moreover, Fhope solutions can handle any material type, including steel, aluminum, copper, and plastic.

Reduce your expenses with a Fhope cable coiling packing line

Once automatic packing systme is commissioned, you will be able to reduce your labor costs dramatically. Your workers will be more efficient, and you will have more profit per person because the productivity increases. That is why investing in Fhope packing lines will open the door of new business opportunities for you. Fhope automatic machines are extremely easy-to-use. With proper management, they can start working at full capacity within a week. Do not worry about casualties either. We make our products as safe as possible and provide safety training for all employees. What is more, the packaging technology we use will protect your goods from any damage. Horizontal stretch wrapping machines will eliminate the need to pack your products in costly materials like foam. This helps cut unnecessary costs as well.


Automatic coil packaging line Automatic slitting coil packing line for steel coil Six sides profile packing line
Automatic backpacking line with shrinking tunnel Automatic pallet packing line with top film dispenser Automatic bundle stretch wrapping and shrinking line



Get packaging line equipment installed at your factory

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FHOPE is one of leading manufactuer in China for ustomized automatic packing line manufacturer for coil and long shape package. The solution is a series of different packing lines with different function for achieving different packing goals. These lines are designed according to customer's production line and workshop. From the layout to every detail of the machine, we always want to be perfect. Our facilities will definitely save labor cost and material cost for our customers, they also can improve their efficiency and capacity.

Fhope provide automatic packing line and automatic packaging system per client's requirement. The equipment can be connect with production line and sharing products information for automatic packaging. The automatic packing line will be designed per different production. For steel coil, wire coil, copper coil, both eye horizontal type packaging line and eye vertical type wrapping line are available. It connect with slitting line by conveyor, turnstile or up ender. Automatic positioning, wrapping, stacking, conveying...For straight objects, such as door, pipe, rod, there is able to provide packing system which including conveyer, shift table, stacking device, bundling system...The packaging can be stacking one by one before automatic wrapping or after wrap packaging.


1.Protect product surface and eliminate damage

Full-Automatic Packaging Solution, Operation steps are designed to protect.Wrap the wrap like a rubber band that contracts and wraps.

Prevent damage to surface spray paint and maintain highly polished surface requirements..


2.Reduce Packing Material Costs.

Horizontal wrapping machines with film can eliminate cost, packing material in wrapping like film, tape, shrinking film, paper

Knit belt, pet belt. The high packaging speed save time and costs. 


3.Lower labor cost and easy maintain.

The automatic packing line is ideal solution for saving your labor cost in packaging. Now for many industry, the production line is automatic but it need manually work in end of line, such as, wrapping, strapping, stacking...And it become a short slab. We are providing custom solution per your need to automatic your whole line.


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© Copyright 2023 SHAGNHAI FHOPE MACHINERY CO.,LTD - All Rights Reserved