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Basic parameters of the machine
a.        Hose Wrapping Machine

1.         Excellent collections. Well-known brands are adopted for main components.
2.         PLC for coil packaging.
3.         It is able to connect with conveyor for coil loading and unloading
4.         Inverter for ring speed adjusting.
5.         Packed coil move to stacking by conveyor.
6.         Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs.
7.         Supportive rollers lifting the coil from conveyor for wrapping.
8.         The inverters adopted to adjust the overlap rate of wrapping tape according to the requirements.
9.         Wrapping tape tension can be adjusted.
10.     Ring speed adjustable by convertor.
11.     Roller speed adjustable by convertor.
12.     Packing tape tension can be adjusted.
13.     Automatic paper/HDPE/woven… material cutting
14.     Difference packing material can be choosing.
15.     Soft stop and start.
16.     Ring original position reset.
17.     Overlapping adjustable from 10%-90%
18.     Automatic mechanical hand for material clamping and feeding.
19.     Wrapping method: Material as stocking in the material wheels of ring as wrapping.
20.     Automatic front and back coil positioning.
21.     It should start soft and stop softly
22.     Rotate roll and centering roll covered with PU for products protection.
23.     Working table height should be adjusted to have 880-890mm from ground
24.     Working table width should be 1600mm max.
25.     Control panel can be touched at operator's side i.e. cross the working table over the head
b.       Centering device

It is a device to adjust the coil position to make it in the center of the wrapping station for wrapping.
1.         Cylinder and supportive rollers.
2.         Adjustable for different coil size.

Length of conveyor
Technical parameter of hose coil packaging line:
Object weight: 5-100kg
Hose coil  width: 80-300mm
Hose coil  OD: 600-1000mm
Hose coil  ID:300-800mm
Roller Speed:2-4m/min
Wrapping speed:20-35sec/pcs
Rotating speed: 20-100r/min
Overlap scope: 20%-90%
Power voltage: 380v/60Hz
Air supply:5-8kgf/m2
Packing material: Stretch film
ID:50mm  OD:100-200mm  Width:100mm

Note: Customized solution is avaiable


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