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Slitting steel coil packing machine and line

The packing solution from the semiauot steel coil packing machine to the packing line.

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Horizontal steel coil packing  machine FPCA-1000
Automatic wrapping station
  • Both Manual and Auto working modes can be choose for flexible operation.
  • PLC & HMI are adopted for fully automatic operation after input coil OD/ID/Width/Overlap degree.  
  • Supportive rollers lifting the coil from conveyor for wrapping.
  • Manual positioning makes the coil stopped at the specific positions for wrapping.
  • Automatic supportive rollers.
  • Wrap tension can be adjusted as need.
  • The converter is adopted to adjust the packing speed according to requirement.
  • Different wrapping requirements can be achieved by setting the corresponding parameters on HMI.
  • Guardrails, soft starts and stop for safety operation.
  • Supportive roller guiding the coil in rotation for wrapping protection.
  • Stainless steel rollers on conveyor are durable & anti-rusted.
  • Height of conveyor/work table is adjustable.
  • Cutting the packing tape automatically by program according to different coils.
  • Packing tape clamp & cut by automatic mechanical hand automatically.
  • Independent & convenient control panel positioned for whole wrapping control.
  • Friction between ring and wheels is adjustable.
  • Indicator alarms automatically when trouble occurs. Trouble can be shown automatically.
  • Conveyor length can be made according to need.
  • Automatic mechanical hand for packing material clamping & cutting.
  • Soft start and stop operation
  • Automatic mechanical handing of packing material clamping&cutting.
  • Height of conveyor table adjustable 880-890mm
  • Work table total width 1200mm (net 1100mm inside between 2 channel width 50mm)control panel should be touched and controlled atthe operator side over the machine



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