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Automatic slitting coil packing machine | Horizontal steel coil packing

This horizontal type coil packing machine is ideal for packing steel strips and slitting coils using paper, stretch film, and other materials. It is designed to provide an eye-through coil wrapping solution that ensures excellent protection for the products during transportation and storage. With this machine, steel strips and slitting coils can be packed efficiently and effectively with minimal r

Horizontal steel coil packing  machine FPCA-1000


The Automatic horizontal steel coil packing machine is a highly advanced and automated packaging solution for steel coils. Its conveyor system is designed to load and unload the coils easily and efficiently, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity. The machine also features an automatic coil packing system, which tightly and securely wraps the coils in protective materials, preventing damage during transportation and storage. The Automatic horizontal steel coil packing machine is a highly reliable, user-friendly, and versatile solution for steel coil packaging needs. It streamlines the packaging process, minimizing the risk of errors and ensuring consistent, high-quality results.

Automatic horizontal steel coil packing machine

  • Both Manual and Auto working modes can be choose for flexible operation.
  • PLC & HMI are adopted for fully automatic operation after input coil OD/ID/Width/Overlap degree.  
  • Supportive rollers lifting the coil from conveyor for wrapping.
  • Manual positioning makes the coil stopped at the specific positions for wrapping.
  • Automatic supportive rollers.
  • Wrap tension adjustable as need.
  • The converter is adopted to adjust the packing speed according to requirement.
  • Different wrapping requirements can be achieved by setting the corresponding parameters on HMI.
  • Guardrails for safety operation.
  • Supportive roller guiding the coil in rotation for wrapping protection.
  • Stainless steel rollers on conveyor are durable & anti-rusted.
  • Height of conveyor/work table is adjustable.
  • Cutting the packing tape automatically by program according to different coils.
  • Packing tape clamp & cut by automatic mechanical hand automatically.
  • Independent & convenient control panel positioned for whole wrapping control.
  • Friction between ring and wheels is adjustable.
  • Indicator alarms automatically when it has trouble. 
  • Conveyor length can be made according to need.
  • Automatic mechanical hand for packing material clamping & cutting.
  • Soft start and stop operation
  • Automatic mechanical handing of packing material clamping&cutting.
  • Height of conveyor table adjustable 880-890mm
  • Work table total width 1200mm (net 1100mm inside between 2 channel width 50mm)control panel should be touched and controlled atthe operator side over the machine

Machine Parameters

Voltage (V/Hz)
380v 50Hz 3Phase 5Wire (can be customized)
Power (KW)
app. 4.5kw
Coil ID(mm)
Coil OD(mm) 700-1600mm 
Coil width(mm)
Coil Weight(Kg)
Packing material


size determined by coil's size 

Air supply
5-7kgf/ c㎡

Note: The machine can be cusotmized per different coil size, contact with our team for your special requirement.



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