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Hose coil film wrapper | hose stretch wrap machine

FPH-300 Hose coil wrapping machine, saves your four staff in corrugated hose wrapping!!!FPH coil stretch wrapper and equipment working for your film stretch wrapping...This is a hose coil eye vertical wrapping machinery, which is for small and light coils.

 Hose wrapping machine FPH-300N


Model:  Hose wrapping machine FPH-300N

The FPH-300N is a machine used to wrap hose coils with film. It is suitable for wrapping hose reels and plastic tubes.
By 120R ring speed, it has high efficiency and provides good packaging for saving labor and material costs. This version uses a vertical packing method to wrap small and light corrugated hose coils. The hose coils are wrapped around the coil from inside to outside by overlapping.


1. It can use various packing materials such as film. The material can be selected based on requirements.
2. It has a reset function for convenient and fast changeovers between different hose coils.
3. It operates in both manual and automatic modes.
4. Its speed can be adjusted via a frequency converter.
5. The overlap rate of the wrapping can be set from 10% to 90% as needed.
6. It has a safety guardrail to protect the hose coils from damage.
7. It has a special brake design for smooth operation.
8. The wrapping tension can be adjusted.
9. It can wrap hose coils at a speed of 20 to 35 seconds per coil on average.



Technical parameter

Machine Model
ID of Coil
OD of Coil
Main wrapping speed(high/low)
Max speed of ring 
Power supply 
380V 60Hz 3P 
Power consumption
Packing material
Stretch film:


Paper/HDPE (optional)

Special requirement
Customized available

 Hose wrapping machine FPH-300N

  Additional function:

a. Logo tape applicator

b. automatic film cutter & feeder

c. Light beam

d. Wrapping station movement.

The hose wrapping machine is highly flexible and adjustable. It offers both manual and automatic operations and allows for customization of speed, overlap rate, and wrapping tension.

It also has safety features to protect the hose coils. With a fast wrapping speed, it can efficiently package hose coils at a high throughput.



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