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Cable packing|cable film stretch wrapper

The cable coil wrapping machine is a highly efficient and visually appealing packaging solution. It features an easy-to-maintain design that facilitates quick and easy material changes. The machine's biggest advantage is its customizability, allowing it to be tailored to meet specific customer specifications. With this machine, the process of packaging cable coils becomes more streamlined and effi

Cable Coil Wrapping Machine FPCA 200


Multifunctional cable coil wrapping machine:

This is an film wrapping machine for cable packing by stretch film, pvc film which has a slightly glue to make the package sealed from dust and moisture. The machine cooperate with the coiling machine at the end of the cable extruder for improving the packing speed. The cabel coil place on the roller station with eye to sky that makes the irregular cable coil be wrapping smoothly.



The machine includes three main parts: 

1. ring and driving device  

2. supportive roller and drive device, 

3. electric control system. Providing the good look package surface with regular overlap. The coil canb be wrapping wihtout strapping.


1. PLC&HMI for automatic material calculates function.

2. Different specifications stored on program.

3. Panel operation for easy maintain and change

4. Special design for easy loading and unloading by manual easily. 

5. Ring soft stop, start and reset.

6. Manual and automatic working mode for easy operation.

7. The converters for adjusting the speed of the ring and rollers

8. Overlapping rate of the packing material according to requirement.

9. Foot Switch control per manually operation.

10. motor overcurrent protection

11. Supportive rollers for avoiding coil shaking in wrapping

12. Automatic packing machinery cutting and feeding

13. Derived supportive roller for turning.

14. Adopting 4 groups of electric arm to adjust, including adjusting  wire reel size and collating winding center point.

15. CE standard control panel

16. RIng and wheel friction adjustable for long life running.

 Note: Can be designed according your specification.


Voltage (V/Hz) AC 380/50( or your requirement)
Power supply(KW) 2.0
Cable coil ID(mm) 150-400
Cable coil OD(mm) 250-500
Cable coil width(mm) 80-200
Cable coil Weight(Kg) 2-50
Packing material PE/Stretch film/pvc
Ring speed(r/min) 10-120
Wrapping speed 20-30sec/pcs
Overlapping rate 20-80%



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