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Bearing wrapping machine | Bearing stretch wrapper |axletree wrapping machine

The primary purpose of this bearing wrapping machine is to wrap large-sized bearings and axletrees. Its key benefits include improving packaging quality and speed, leading to reduced labor and packing costs. The machine is capable of both automatic tape packaging and stretch film wrapping, enabling two-layer packaging for bearings.It can be customized to meet different bearing sizes. This informat

Bearing packing machine FPB-300



Bearing Packing Machine


This bearing wrapping machine is designed mainly for wrapping the big size bearing and axletree packaging requirement. 

It's strenght can be shown on improving the packing quality and high packing speed for saving labor cost and packing cost.  

Features of bearing packing machine:  

Machine can be connected with bearing production line to realize automatic wrapping and packing of linear bearing.

Adopt PLC and HMI to realize automatic operation.

Automatic bearing positioning, equipped with sensors to automatically detect the position, to achieve automatic start and stop.

Machine can be switched between manual and automatic modes.

Failure of indicator light will automatically alarm. Fault causes are displayed automatically.


This machine series for bearing packaging, provides an economical packaging system for bearing packaging。

Packaging speed be fast and convenient enough, machine speed can be adjusted by frequency converter per your requirements.

Technical parameter:

Machine Model
Voltage (V/Hz)
AC 380/50( or your requirement) 
Power (KW)
Bearing ID(mm)
Bearing OD(mm)
Bearing width(mm)
Bearing Weight(Kg)
Packing material
Goffered paper/PE/Stretch film/knit belt/PVC
Ring speed(r/min)
Wrapping speed

Overlapping rate


Bearing Packing Machine

Conveyor for bearing infeeding and out feeding; automatic positioning for bearing; paper, tape, stretch film are available for packaging; automatic material counting and cutting.

Customize Bearing Packing Solution

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