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New Stretch Wrapping Machine!

Fhope’s Stretch wrapping machine horizontal wrapper works with different packing material for increasing the packing machine l. Features include: high throughput speeds, low maintenance and good package!

Fhope Packaging Machines

Fhope is a major integrated manufacturer of both ring type wrapping machine and pallet packing machinery and horizontal orbital wrapper. We are committed to providing cost-performance automatic system. And also we have a wide variety of standard wrapping machinery for quick delivery. Heavy duty construction, dual column design, customized equipment with low maintenance are the hallmarks of the Fhopepack machinery line.

Fhope is a professional supplier to provide stretch wrapping/packing solution. the hallmark of success for Fhope owns ability to special designs according client's specification in the industry. The company is ongoing commitment is to provide innovative long-term solutions that allow coil processors to meet end user needs by consistently producing high-quality, and money save packaging. The main products include coil packing machine, straight object packing machine, wrapping machine, shrink wrapper, shrink machine, stretch wrapping machine, packaging material, coil tilter etc.

No matter what kind of coil object or straight object, we can make Fhope production solutions work for you from heavy steel coil packaging to light hose packaging, we stand ready with innovative engineered technology.Besides the packing machine, Fhope providing packing materials for our customer.A new investment for stretch film, stretch hood film, PVC film ...put into production in commission at 2016.01.01. So that it makes us able to offering both material and machine solution by one station purchasing.

Fhope Group is a recognized leader in the development, manufacture and sale of a variety of coil wrapping machine,pallet stretch wrapper,horizontal wrapping machine and complementary packaging systems for industrial and retail use. Headquartered in Shanghai, 2 manufacturing facilities in North China.

orbital wrapping machine manufacturer

There are cutting workshop, parts warehouse, assembling workshop, electric room.

orbital wrapping machine workshop

Our team providing solution with our own designing,

1.Conceptualization of the system

2.Design of the system & modules

3.Detail analysis of each module

4.Preparation of General assembly layout

5.Cycle time analysis

6.Detailed Engineering

7.Preparation of the Bill-of-Material

8.Assembly and part drawing of different modules

9.Manufacturing & Quality check

10.Purchase of bought-out items

11.Assembly of modules at our works

12.Integration of the modules

13.Testing and trial of modules

14.Inspection of the modules in running condition

15.Packing of assembly


17.Supervision of Mechanical & Electrical Installation


19.Testing of the total system at customer’s site

20.Handing over the system

21.Commissioning trial

22.Training to operation engineers. .

stretch wrapping machine production

Fhope had exported more than 1000 sets wrapping machine over 50 country from 2008 that includes steel industry, plastic pipe industry, mold industry...

customer visting for packing machine

There are offic team, mechanical designing team, elctric designing team, production and management board.

customer visting for packing machine




1.  FHOPEPACK information in the Chinese National Enterprise Credit Information Publicity System

2. FHOPEPACK account number in Ariba: [email protected]

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