Pipe Packing Machine 

As one of the leading companies in plastic pipe coil packing, Fhopepack provides both vertical and horizontal types coil wrapper . We help to set a great standard in the hose coil wrapping industry. Our long history and skilled workers make the best machine for all the customers. Today, Fhope is always continuing to design reliable, rugged pipe wrapping machines, withstand all the possible challenges, even the most harsh and tough environment. Fhope helps you with solutions of complete hose coil packaging line in different markets and applications with the latest technology. We believe our machine can help you with your competitiveness in your industies.
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Pipe packing machine

  • Pipe bundle bag packing machine

    Pipe bundle bag packing machineThe bag packing machine for plastic pipes and pipe bundles is designed to work with various types of pipes, including PPR, PVC, PE pipes, and more. This machine is highly efficient and eliminates the need for manual bundle making and bag filling, freeing up valuable time and resources for businesses. With its advanced features an...

  • Pipe bunlde making machine

    Pipe bunlde making machineThe pipe bundle packing solution is an efficient and automated system designed for plastic pipe factories. It features automatic counting of the number of pipes and bundling making, eliminating the need for manual labor and streamlining the packaging process. This system significantly reduces the risk of errors and increases prod...

  • HDPE pipe coil packing machine

    HDPE pipe coil packing machineThe pipe wrapping station features a rotating ring that is reinforced with a solid cast aluminum construction for durability. The driving wheels are made of polyurethane rubber, providing excellent traction and grip. The friction between the wheels and the ring ensures a smooth and efficient wrapping process for pipes. With its a...

  • Pipe Coil wrapper FPH-200

    Pipe Coil wrapper FPH-200 FPH series hose coil wrapper is the machine designed mainly for hose coil, plastic packaging. Efficiency and convenient operation save labor and packaging material for the users. This hose coil eye vertical wrapping machine is designed for small and light coils, it tackled the most difficult technical problem in the industry....

  •  Pipe Coil wrapper FPH-400

    Pipe Coil wrapper FPH-400FPH series coil wrapper is the latest model mainly for hose coil, PEX pipe,PE pipe, corrugated pipe, HDPE plastic pipe packaging. This machine saves labor and material cost due to the high efficiency and tight packaging. This vertical type hose coil wrapping machine is designed for small and light coils....

1. Nice packaging appearance: good for storage, transportation and marketing
2. Less material using: save the packing material cost
3. High speed: increasing the packing speed to improving the produtivity
4. Easy operation:  machine designed for fool style operation by non skilled worker.
5. Labor cost lower: The machine is able replace the worker in packing a lot.
Pipe coil packing machine, pipe wrapping machine

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