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Bearing packing machine for small bearing bag packaging

The small bearing bagging machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed to package small bearings efficiently and effectively. It can seal up to 60 bags per minute. This machine is ideal for companies looking to optimize their packaging processes while ensuring high-quality results. It conforms to CE guidelines and incorporates the latest technology and design criteria for small bearings,

Horizontal Bearing packing machine | for small bearing


Horizontal bearing packing machine by horizontal bagging

This is an Horizontal bearing bag packing machine for small size bearing that automatic feeding and filling  bearings into the bag forming device and sealing with speed upto 60 pcs per minute.
The bearing bag packing machines all conform to CE guidelines and have been designed using the latest technology and design criteria for bearing.

a)Automatic PLC program control with servo system
b)Automatic bag sealing.
c)The action time in packing is adjustable for difference packing purpose.
d)Program for precise running by servo motor.
e)Manual and automatic working mode for easy operation.
f)The inverters for adjusting the coveyor speed.
g)Precise temperature control for bag sealing.
h)Sensor and mechanical limiting stopper for bearing positioning
i)Motor overcurrent protection.                                             
j)Automatic film feeding system.

Technical parameter:

Packaging material

OD: 100-200mm

ID: 75mm

Bearing size 
OD:20 -130mm
Bearing width
Bagging speed
App. 10-120 pcs/min
Air supply
5-7 bar
Power supply 
 380V  3P  50/60Hz 



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