Wire Coil Packaging Machine

The wire coil packaging machine is a type of wrapping machine designed to cover packing material around a wire coil using an eye-through method. The machine is typically used in industries that manufacture wire coils for various applications. The process involves placing the wire coil on the machine's turntable and wrapping a protective layer of packing material around it by feeding the material through the coil's center.steel wire coil packing machine

The wire coil wrapping machine can use various packaging materials, including paper, film, and knitted belt, which are customized based on the steel wire product's size and weight requirements. Automatic functions ensure even, tight application of the packing material at an efficient rate. By optimizing the wrapping material and process for each product, the machine delivers maximum protection for wire coils of all specifications.

As a leading steel wire coil wrapping machine manufacturer, FHOPE provides high-quality equipment to streamline your packaging operations. By considering your needs and drawing on our extensive industry experience, we offer tailored solutions for every customer.

auto wire packing line wire rod compacting machine wire coil packing machine

The PLC and HMI in the wire coil packaging solution enable automatic operation while allowing users to control and modify packing machine parameters through the control system interface. Any errors are displayed on the interface, providing real-time feedback on the coil wrapping process.

With extensive experience and a proven track record, FHOPE designs and manufactures a wide range of steel wire coil compression, wrapping, and strapping machines. We offer customized solutions to meet unique customer requirements, including strapping with PET or steel belt, logo tapping, weighing, stacking, and more. FHOPE provides both semi-automatic and fully automatic options to maximize efficiency and cost-effectiveness, reducing power and material costs.

steel wire coil packing machine economic version


It is a economic and reliable coil wrapping machine that can handle a wide range of coil sizes and materials. With its advanced PLC control system and touchscreen interface, users can easily adjust the machine's settings to accommodate various coil dimensions and wrapping materials. The CoilMaster 5000 also has a robust construction, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of daily use.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable wrapping tension for optimal protection
  • PLC control system with packing material length checking and cutting
  • Fool style operation, not installation job required

horizontal wire coil packing machine

2. Horizontal Version Steel Wire Coil Packing Machine

The solution designed to efficiently package steel wire coils with precision and care. This innovative machine features a "coil ID to sky" packing orientation, ensuring that soft wire coils are not deformed by gravity during the wrapping process. To further enhance performance, the machine is equipped with supportive rollers that enable 360-degree turning for comprehensive and secure wrapping.

Key Features:

  • Coil ID to sky packing: Maintains coil integrity by preventing deformation caused by gravity.
  • Supportive rollers: Facilitate smooth 360-degree rotation for thorough and even Non-deforming wrapping.
  • Enhanced efficiency by PLC&HMI, automatiac packing material cutting
  • Customizable: Can be tailored to accommodate specific coil dimensions and requirements.

Big steel wire coil packing solution

3. Big Steel Wire Coil Packing Machine with Trolley

The Big Machine with Trolley is a robust and efficient solution for packaging large, heavy wire coils. Its integrated trolley system simplifies the process of moving heavy coils in and out of the wrapping station, making it an ideal choice for crane handling applications. This high-performance machine ensures safety and is typically suited for wire coils with a width of 400-1000mm.

Key Features:

  • Trolley system: Facilitates easy transport of heavy wire coils to and from the wrapping station.
  • Crane-friendly: Designed for safety integration with crane handling operations.
  • Safety-focused: Engineered to prioritize operator safety during the packaging process.
  • Versatile capacity: Accommodates wire coils with a width ranging from 400 to 1000mm.

online steel wire coil packing machine

4. Online Steel Wire Coil Wrapping Machine

It is an Online Coil Wrapping Machine and advanced packaging solution designed for seamless integration into production lines. With its built-in conveyor system, this machine effortlessly conveys wire coils to the wrapping station, automatically positions them for accurate wrapping, and ensures precise packing material counting and cutting. The streamlined packing process results in increased productivity and reduced labor costs.

Key Features:

  • Conveyor system: Enables efficient wire coil conveying and automatic positioning for accurate wrapping.
  • Automatic wrapping: Provides consistent and precise wrapping for a professional finish.
  • Packing material management: Ensures accurate counting and cutting of packing materials for optimal resource utilization.
  • Streamlined packing: Integrates seamlessly into existing production lines, enhancing overall efficiency.

Automatic wire drawing and packaging line

5. Automatic Wire Drawing & Packing Line

It is Automatic rewinding packing systeme that is a revolutionary packaging solution that streamlines the entire process of rewinding wire from spools into smaller wire coils, followed by automatic strapping, wrapping, and stacking. That is an invaluable investment for optimize wire packaging processes while leveraging the benefits of advanced automation, data tracking, and ERP system integration.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive solution: Integrates wire rewinding, strapping, wrapping, and stacking in a seamless process.
  • New generation technology: Utilizes advanced automation techniques to optimize performance and efficiency.
  • ERP system integration: Seamlessly connects with existing ERP systems for improved inventory management and data tracking.
  • Data tracking: Monitors and records essential information for better decision-making and process optimization.

Automatic wire compacting and strapping line

6. Automatic Wire Compacting & Packing Line

It is  an innovative packaging solution designed to optimize handling and packing of wire with spools. This advanced system incorporates automatic compacting and strapping, spool removal, and wire coil packing, significantly reducing manual labor and forklift handling requirements.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive solution: Streamlines wire compacting, strapping, spool removal, and coil packing processes.
  • Labor-saving: Replaces manual operations and forklift handling, enhancing efficiency and reducing labor costs.
  • Production integration: Connects seamlessly with wire drawing production lines for a fully automated workflow.
  • Enhanced safety: Minimizes risks associated with manual labor and forklift handling.


FHOPE products include:
• Automatic wire coiling machines
• Automatic wire coil strapping machines
• Automatic wire packing machines
• Automatic wire coil handling equipment

FHOPE provides customized automation solutions for specialty wire and wire rod applications.


Wire coil wrapping machine

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big wire coil coil wrap packing machine

Wire coil packing machines are widely used in industries such as wire and cable manufacturing, steel and aluminum production, and other industries that require packaging of long and narrow items. The machines are essential for protecting the coils during transportation, storage, and handling, ensuring that they arrive at their destination in excellent condition. That is a valuable investment for any industry that relies on wire coils for their production process.

For the wire packing solution: There are semuauto wire coil wrappign machine, wire winding machine wire coil re-winding and strapping machine... Also the automtion solution for the wire coil at the end of the prodcution line was volume production. The solution helps the user saving the labor cost and improving the packaging speed. Additionally labor- and time-saving attributes for instance Bluetooth technology, up-to-date wire coil pack machine and  lines can be suited up with electronics that keep the track to move the production by part or weight, customer package count and weight, strapping preoccupied and a huge range of production and cost associated nitty-gritty.

Following tips are improtation in making the decision at the wire coil purchasing:

The coil handling way is important point that asking the wire packing machine matching to. For the light wire coil, it can be loading into packing station by rolling in&out manually, For the hevay load such as wire rod coil, PC wire coil, Pre-stress wire coil...that have to be handling by crane or forklifter. So selecting a packing solution that is easy to load the wire coil from top and enough space to avoid the compaction between the load and wrapping station. Conveyor both ok for light and heavy coils but price higher.

The machine works for different packaging material, but the packing material need to be confirmed before solution making. For different packaging goal, the following packing material will be choosing. Stretch film, paper, Kint belt, HDPE... It is able do one, two even three layers packaging at the same time.

It is no doubt that the most of automation wire packing solution is better than semiauto one without considering the price. Even choose the simplified solution, the compitibility and expansibility should be considered for further modification and solution upgarde.


Coil data and specifications are input manually into the machine's control system. This includes:
• Coil outer diameter
• Coil inner diameter
• Coil width
• Coil weight
• Required wrapping speed
• Number of wrapping layers
• Customer identification number

1. The different wire packing solution available varies from coil size.
2. High speed for wire coil packing, strapping and handling
3. Automatic solution and packing system
4. Rich experience and professional team
5. Automation in wire industry for packing.
6. Customize automatic packaging system such as wire rewinding and strapping machine, compressing machine.

The solution of the wire packing machine and handling machine connects to the end of the production line to the storage&warehouse.


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