Auto Bagger

Auto Bagger

The Chinese manufacturer providing the autobag roll bagger packing machine with top level quality in the bagging sucessful rate. The solution for admatic printing and bag packing with wide application.



Autobag and Roll Bagger Bagging Machines


FHOPE team be a leader in design&production of packaging equipment in China for the Automation baggerpackaging solutions. Our team worked on the original invention of the automatic bagging machine includes the automatic bag printing, the pre-opening bag and bag sealing. In addition to traditional bagging in roll, FHOPE team also designs and produces a variety of special bagging, surface protection bags, Auto Sleeving elastic armband and other bagging equipment.


FHOPE automation bagger system integrates high quality materials, perfect procedures and excellent service to provide customers with high quality competitive products and professional services. With the most professional service team in the bagging industry, not only providing the equipment but also training professional operators for factories to ensure that equipment is running at optimal performance and improve the competitiveness of your products.


Advantages Features:

1.Technological Innovation:

In order to achieve efficient packaging and increase the added value of the product, FHOPE team may be adopt separate control system, or an integrated system, or a customized operating system as your required, each device with an original advantage of technological innovation.

2.Reliability and stability:

FHOPE bagging system with high quality materials and stability procedures, which can safely operate for more than ten years without equipment failure. Many customers give high evaluation and maintain long-term cooperation.

3.Fully-automatic integration system:

FHOPE team with much expertise to customize integrated system services, which can include a complete series of packaging lines such as printer, feed and outing loading, ensuring you get a customized packaging line.


Customers can realize the return of investment in less than one year, save a lot of labor cost, and realize the successful profit of business.


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© Copyright 2023 SHAGNHAI FHOPE MACHINERY CO.,LTD - All Rights Reserved