Mobile Pallet Changers include the the mobile car and fork lifting and turning system to helps to moving,turning and change the pallets that is flexiable for different area pallet handling.
The power drive by reliable battary with working hour upto 6 hours. By the backup power battery it works for 24hours.
The main advantages the this series pallet changer: it is a 2 in 1 function machine that can be pallet moving device to replace the handlifter and it is the pallet upending device for lifting& rotating the pallet for pallet chagning.

This series of fully electric hydraulic forklifts are designed to lift and transport pallet loads on completely level ground.
This machine is an all-electric rotation hydraulic forklift with a steering rudder ont the battery deriving base. It is an ideal tool for loading and unloading, transporting the cargo on flat ground. The control device is clear at a glance for operator.

Mobile Pallet Changer

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  Moble pallet changer is able service many application fields, such as pharmacy, food, cosmetics, etc.
Caused by flexiable packaging area and safety turning operation,other product companies are also using it, such as bags, boxes, medicine bottles, bottles, large bags and cans. With combinated designing and battary driving, pallet turnover machine or turntable in loading dock area, which plays an important role. It can be used as a means of transport anywhere.
Fhope portable pallet inverter allows users to easily tilt and rotate heavy loads upto 1.5T per special designing.. The inverter drives and rotates with DC power. Pallet loads that can be handled are from hgith 200-1200mm. The rotation drived by motor that belly reverse switch by the control handle. It allows the operator to stand comfortably  while moving the load from one position to another. In addition, FHOPE providing the ODM service for different distributor.


How to use and Maintenance of Storage Battery

The battery is one of the key part of the mobile pallet changer. Normally we suggest customer buy an extra one for backup and alternate operation. It is important to proper maintenance the battery.

1. Common sense of initial charging

The forklift battery has been charged before leaving the factory and can be used directly by the user. When the power is less than 30-40%, it should be charged in time. You can choose to charge at night, and generally charge for about 10 hours. The charger used in manufacturer factory has been adjusted before leaving the factory, and the user can use it directly. It may damage the battery and charger if  adjust the voltage wihtout professional suggstion and guiding.

2. Irrigation

After using for a period of time, the user should check whether it is necessary to replenish the battery fluid (see the battery scale). The temperature of the electrolyte filled into the battery should be lower than 21°C or higher than 32°C, and the height of the liquid level should be higher than 15- on the protective plate. 20 mm. At this time, the electrolyte temperature in the battery rises. It must be allowed to stand for 3-4 hours until the temperature drops to 30°C before charging. I the electrolyte temperature is too high in summer, manual cooling can be used.

3. Normal charging

After fully charged (the specific gravity of the electro-hydraulic is about 0.10 higher than the original specific gravity), if the specific gravity of the electro-hydraulic is not within the above range, it can be adjusted with distilled water or 1.29 specific gravity concentrated sulfuric acid (the liquid level should still be 15-20 mm higher than the protective plate), Then use the second stage charging electro-hydraulic to continue charging for 1 hour to make the electro-hydraulic uniform. If it is still not within the range, continue to adjust until it is adjusted to the above range.

4. Maintenance of battery

a. After the battery discharge is terminated (that is, after the discharge is terminated, the battery is only at 10.5 volts and the specific gravity of the electro-hydraulic is lower than 1.15), it should be charged immediately, and the charging shall not be delayed for 24 hours at most.
b. The battery is strictly prohibited from over-discharge and over-charge.
c. The surface of the battery should be kept clean, wipe the pole plug and apply a layer of petroleum jelly or butter.
d. Always check the electrolyte level. If the electrolyte is insufficient, it can be replenished with distilled water and charged for 20-30 minutes to fully mix the electrolyte. Do not add electrolyte to make the concentration too high and damage the battery.
e. The small holes on the battery cover that have been charged should always be kept unblocked.
f. The validity period of the new battery is 1 year from the date of leaving the factory.
g. Before the new battery is charged, the battery cover must not be loosened to ensure that the battery slot is isolated from the outside air.
h. The used battery should be fully charged and stored when not in use, and recharged once a month.

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