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Our team with more than 15+ years experience in providing customized solutions according to your requirements in load shape, Max.Loading, handling method... Industrial upender machine & tilter designed mainly for lifting or turning over the big and heavy load, such as mold Upender, coil Upender, roll Upender...



To replace the manual handling and avoid occupational injury 

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Mechanical Upender

solution 1-60T

• Driving By Motor with Gear
• Strong Structure
• Maintainer Free
• Customization per goal

Hydraulic Upenders

Solution 1-100T

• Driving By Hydraulic pump and cylinders
• Efficiency handling
• Reliable Simple structure
• Customization

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

Detail information for the upender and tilter, contact with our team for more information.

What is the price of the Upender?

The Upender price very from the load specification in size and Max.Loading. Please provide these information and our team will offer the price in half hour.

What kind of Upender is the best one?

The upender need to be designed according your load specification, handling way, factory layout...So before decision, it is better providing the requirement with detail our technical team will help to find out the best one

Do your providing the service?

We have our service team to help Upender installation, commissioning, and after service. Our team provides the local on site service also.

Can we add the additional function on your Upender?

Yes, we providing the customize solution which can be designing according handling goal and special requirement.

We Create 

We deliver 100% and provide instant response to help our customer 24 hours Upender machine running


A leading manufacturer for durable upender.


For better understanding the upender&tilter and choosing a proper solution per load handling, follow is some tips for helping to learn some information for choosing a right equipment decision.

TIP 1: Driving Way Of The Upender

Two driving ways to providing the Upender rotating force. No one solution is better than the other Suitable is the best!

A. By Mechanical Motor&Gear

Principle:The motor supplys power to the axle, the gear box starts working and carry the chain moving forward. If need, converter can control the input frequency and change the motor’s speed. This si a most popular type handling equipment with high performance, stability and durable safety for different industry.

B. By Hydraulic System

 The machine drives by hydraulic station with cylinders for high speed upending. It is a simple structure which includes the flipping table and hydraulic system. The flipping table was designed with strong frame. It is using to handling the paper roll, mold...
Efficiency and durable Upenders can be configured with electric or hydraulic drive systems, and both are equipped with a heavy brake to ensure safe operation under heavy load conditions at any time.

TIP 2: Structure of the upender includes below parts

To be a tough and safety heavy loading equipment the following main part need to be reinforce with Structural Mechanics

A. Turner Body Frame 

For achieving the loading capacity, the structure of the upender will be designed per load weight. The turner structure was reinforced out-side and in-side with app.20% allowance in Max.Loading. The picture shows the structure machining and processing before painting. Sometimes, the working table is too bigger to be loading into container. Fhope providing the separated type turn table that can be dismantled for easy loading and easy installation.

B.  Base of the Upender

 Base of the mechnical upender and tilter with driving. The upender includes two maim parts in the mechanical designing: a. turner body, b. Base.

The base part is the position for installing the driving system about the motor, gear, chain and supportive rollers. For different loading, there are different type gears 

C. Handing Support device

For different application, the upender & tilter with different structure per handling loads. There are flat working table for mold, V size table for coil object, Fork type table for connecting the coil car, crane ... That can be connected with coil car, crane "c" hook, fork-lifter...Some factory, making the foundation pit is not allow, there are customized solution for loading and unloading goods on floor by hand lifter manually. 

TIP 3. Working Table of The Upenders varies from load shape

For matching the handling goal, the working table could be designed in special form for different load size and shape.

 For different handling way, the working table need to be customized, such as the fork type working table for coil ,the "C" type turntable for steel sheet, the fork table for fork-lifter, and roller conveyor table for contacting the upstream conveyor...In a word, for the different shape of the load, the working table need to be designed accordingly.

The "V" shape working table for for steel coils, wire coils, aluminum coils and other coil products..
The flat tables for die, mold, panel...
The fork table for paper roll, film roll...

TIP 4: Focus On Max. Loading 

Max.loading is the key to determine the capacity of the Upender, it also determines all the parts of the machine from design to manufacture......

The loading capacity is the key point of the upender that relates to the machine structure designing and price. The Max. Loading of the upender & tilter can be 50T, 80T, 100T. For more loading capacity, feel free to contact with our team for the specified solution. The picture shows the upender with Height 5000m Width 5000mm and Length 4500mm. The driving system and structure form both are available in mechanical or hydraulic.

TIP 5: Different turning degree and space limited handling requirements  

Beside the 90 degree turning table, the base of the machine could be rotating for smart handling in different industries.

Turning degree

There are serveral types of turning degree version for upender: 90, 95, 180 and 360 degree. 90 and 180 degree is the main requirement for customers. There are Tipper & Upender with 180 degree turning table and conveyor for handling the load as per production processing requirement. It works for precast slab, solar panel, pallet changing, steel sheet... The 180 degree upender is able to do the pallet changing online too. The pressing down device will holding the load when turning. If the loading way is with fork-lifter, the structure can be designed with "C‘’ structure for fork loading on side way.

Base rotation

Beside the body turning type turner, Fhope provides the base 360 degree turning version for the purpose of the limited operation space and crane moving direction.
The base of the upender is able to make 360 degree turning for changing the loading direction at the same time of the upending procession. It can be used to simplify the action of safely dumping metal coils and also to safely rotate paper coils, plastic film, die presses, tray products, cylinders or windmill turbines for complete vertical and horizontal switching. 

TIP 6: Some load needs unique Upender 

Different load will require different special form of Upender in considering of the operation and the connection with up-stream handling way.

The upender is to meet the engineering turnover requirements of different specifications of goods, and to carry out process transportation safely, stably and effectively. The application covers metallurgy, stamping, sheet metal, mold, paper making, refrigeration, steel strip, coil, barrel material, etc. To realize the operation goal of converting goods from horizontal to vertical or vice versa, it is important to choose a proper solution.The machine needs to be designed according the shape of the load and application. The working table can be equipped with conveyor for easy loading and unloading or be connected with production and warehouse conveyor.

The mold and die is one basic application of the Upender. This is a 90 degree version mold upender with flat tables. Some of die or mold is irregular in shape that needs to customize a working table to fix the mold when turning. Special loading and unloading position or handling way may be required. Our engineer will provide a customized design. When repairing large and medium-sized molds, the mold Upender machine can turn the molds by 0-90 degrees. There are two types of turner body holding ways in the machine for safety operation.
a. The motor with breaker
b. The gear box with skewed tooth
The turntable can be stopped and kept in any angle with or without power supply. 

Upender machine is a special equipment for automobile industry production, which is used for upending large-scale thin plate stacks. It is a necessary auxiliary equipment for automatic stamping production line. It can not only reduce surface scratches of plates, improve product quality, but also reduce labor intensity of operators and improve production efficiency.

It has the function of rotating the work piece at any angle that the customer require and has the characteristics of simple operation, flexible and reliable use. 


A leading manufacturer for durable upender.

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