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Upender and Tilter manufaturer


Fhope is a professional manufacturer provides upender machine, tipper & Tilter solution. Our team with more than 15+ years experince in providing customized solutions according to your requirements in load shape, Max.Loading, handling mathod... Industrial upender machine & tilter designed mainly for lifting or turning over the big and heavy load, such as mold, coil, roll... The driving system can be motor or hydraulic station that is install the turning structure. The Max.load provided is upto 60t. Besides, Fhope providing the special solution for connecting the upender & tilter with production line, packing line, storage system...

Application: 1, steel coil industry  2. Wire industry   3, aluminum coil industry    4. Copper foil industry    5. Mould industry    6, wheel slide valve  7, Pallet Handling  8, Paper roll, 9, wooden panel  

The upender is a turnover machine that provides the continuous and safe operation in workshop for different handling requirements. It helps to safety handle heavy loads and avoid damage. The working table vary from the handling way and load shape and working environment. With 600+ design and manufacturing experience.

Fhope's reliable and powerful upener machines can help you get load turning error free, energy efficiency, and advanced security in 24 hours continuous operation.

With more than 15+ years experience, the machine can be ODM modified per customer's handling and turning requirement in driving way, machine structure, and control.


180 tilter, tipper video Pallet invereter video steel coil upender video
Steel sheet upender and tilter Upender manufactuerer rotable tsheet upender

upender videos

Mechanical upender

Hydraulic upender



For better understanding the upender&tilter and choosing a proper solution per load handling, follow is some tips for helping to learn some information for choosing a right equipment decision.

TIP 1: Driving Way


Mechanical structure

a. Mechanical


Principle:The motor supplys power to the axel, the gear box starts working and carry the chain moving forward. If need, converter can control the input frequency and change the motor’s speed. This si a most popular type handling equipememnt with high peroformace, stability and durable safety for different industry.




 hydraulic titler

b. Hydraulic


The machine drived by hydraulic station with cylinders for high speed upending. It is a simpble structure which includes the flipping table and hydraulic system. The flipping table was designed with strong frame. It is using to handling the paper roll, mold...



Efficicncy and durable upenders can be configured with electric or hydraulic drive systems, and both are equipped with a heavy brake to ensure safe operation under heavy load conditions at any time.





TIP 2: Structure of the upender

Upender turning structure


a. Turner body

For achieving the loading capacity, the structure of the upende will be deisgned per load weight. The turner boby was reinforced out-side and in-side with app.20% allowance in Max.Loading. The picture shows the structure machining and processing before painting. Sometis, the working table is too bigger to be loading into container. Fhope providing the separated type turn table that can be dismantled for easy loading and easy installation.





b. Base

Base of the mechnical upender and tilter with driving. The upender includes two mail parts in the mechanical designing: a. turner body, b. Base.  

The base part is the position for installing the driving system about the motor, gear, chain and supportive rollers. For different loading, there are different type gears



Hydraulic tilter with different working table

c. Hand

For different application, the upender & tilter with different structure per handling loads. There are flat working table for mold, V size table for coil object, Fork type table for connecting the coil car, crame..... That can be conected with coil car, crane "c" hook, forklifter...Some factory, naking the fundation pit is not allow, there are customzied solution for loading and unloading goods on floor by hand lifter manually.





TIP 3: Working table of the upenders


Mechanical tilter



It is able designing the working table for different load size and shape. For different handling way, ther wroking table need to be customized too. Such as fork types working table for coil, steel sheet handling by "C" type turnable. The forkarms groove for forklifter, roller conveyor table for contacting the upstream conveyor...


In a word, the different shape of the load, the working table need to be designing accordingly. For example:



The "V" shape working table for coil shaped products,like steel coil, wire coil, aluminum coil...

The flat tables for die, mould, panel...

The Fork table for paper roll, film roll...




TIP 4: Max. Loading


upender for sale


The loading capacity is the key point of the upender that relates to the machine structure designing and price. The Max. Loading of the upender & tilter can be 50T, 80T, 100T. For more loading capacity, feel free contact with our team for the specification solution. The picture shows the upender with Height 5000m Width 5000mm Length 4500mm.  The driving system and structure form both are available in mechanical or hydraulic.





TIP 5: Different turning degree and special handling requirement


180 degree tilter



There are serveral type turning degree versionin upender: 90, 95, 180 and 360 degree. 90 and 180 degree is the main requirement. The tipper & upender for 180 degree turning with conveyor for handling the load per production processing requirement. It works for precast slab, solar panel, pallet changing, steel sheet... The 180 degree upender inverter is

 able to do the pallet changing online too. The pressing down device will holding the load in turning. If the loading way is by forklifter, the structure can be designed with "C‘’ structure so that for fork loading on side way.





Rotation upender



Besides the body turning type turner, Fhope provides the base 360 degree turning version for the purpose of the limited operation space and crane moving direction.

The base of the upender is able 360 degree turning for changing the loading direction.That is able turning the base at the same time of the upending procession.Not only simplifies the action of safely dumping metal coils, but also can utilize safely rotating paper coils, plastic film, die presses, tray products, cylinders or windmill turbines to complete vertical and horizontal switching.




TIP 6: Different load

Upender table with conveyor



The upender is for meeting the engineering turnover requirements of goods of different specifications with safely, stably and effectively carry out process transportation. The whole application covers metallurgy, stamping, sheet metal, mould, paper making, refrigeration, steel strip, coil, barrel material, etc., so as to realize the operation goal of converting goods from horizontal to vertical or vice versa is important to choose a proper solution.That need to be designed according the shape of the load and application. The working table with conveyor for easy loading and unloading connects with production and warehouse conveyor.






Tilter for mold



The Mold and die is one one basic application of the upender. This is an 90 degree mold turning version with flat tables. Some of die or mold is irregular in shape that need need to customzied a working table to fixing the mold in turning. And the spcial loading and unloading position or handling way may required. Our engineer will provide a customized designing . When repairing large and medium-sized molds, the mold upender machine can turn the molds by 0-90 degrees. There are two types turner body holding ways in the machine for safety operation.

a. The motor with braker

b. The gear box with skewed tooth

The turn table can be stop and keep in any angle with or without power supply.



Upender for coil




Upender machine is a special equipment for automobile industry production, which is used for upender of large-scale thin plate stacks. It is a necessary auxiliary equipment for automatic stamping production line. It can not only reduce surface scratches of plates, improve product quality, but also reduce labor intensity of operators and improve production efficiency.

It has the function of rotating the workpiece, the angle turning can be according to the customer's requirements, and has the characteristics of simple operation, flexible and reliable use.






As a purchaser and decision maker, you can check with our team for the best solution of the upender and tilter in considering the handling way, max. loading, load size and workingshop layout...Fhope providing the customized soltuion for die flipper, flipping table too...


Machine operation:


1.Connect to power supply. Open the cabinet, switch on the air switch(QF), twist the power switch to the clockwise direction.
2.Recover the emergency stop button, indicator lights.
3.If the machine is at the reset position, switch”RESTORE”to “RUN”, the machine starts smoothly. The machine stops when reset stop signal received. Then switch “RESTORE” to “STOP”.
4.Load the goods to one platform and close to another platform as soon as possible.
5.Switch “TURN” to “RUN”, machine starts to run in low speed.
6.Approach SQ3, machine starts to run in high speed.
7.Approach SQ4, machine starts to run in low speed.
8.When machine turnover 90 degree, approach J1 or SQ1, machine stop automatically and brakes. Switch“TURN”to “STOP”.
9.Switch “RESTORE” to “RUN”, machine starts to reverse in low speed. 10.When approach SQ4, machine starts to run in high speed. 11.When approach SQ3, machine starts to run in low speed. 12.Machine reverse to 90 degree, approach J2 or SQ2, machine stops automatically and brakes. Switch”RESTORE” to “STOP”, machine recover to the initial position.
13.According to step 5-13, circulate the operation.
14.Press emergency stop button when anything happens during automatic operation.

15.When work is down, clean the platform and reset the machine to initial position...

Saftey: it is helps peopele to handling the heavy objects to lower the labor strength, with interlock, fence, light bean...the operator is alway from the machine in safety area.

Efficiency: Compare to handlign by carme of forkman or manaual, the load position 90-180 degree changing takes 20-60sec only. And different optional function is able to make the machine working for special load shape and factory layout movement.

Easy maintainment: The strong structure, durable motor, reliable hydraulic system with fool style operation that makes non-skilled operation is able to operating and maintain the machine. The machine includes two parts: driving part and turning structure that are less maintainment required.

Customzied solution: The upender and tilter provided always designed base on customer's load specification and handling requirement for meeting the handling goal 100%.

Coil upender with conveyor





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