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The Manufacturer for the tilter,upender

The handling equipment for different load, such as pallet inverter, coil tilter, mold upender, hydraulic coil upender...


Upender and Tilter

Fhope is a professional turnover machine, UPENDER solution provider. We can provide customized solutions according to your requirements. Industrial turnover machine / hoist is mainly used to lift or turn over all kinds of heavy, bulky and strange shapes. The power plant is located inside or outside the lift foundation frame, and the maximum load is 50t and processed.
upenders manufacturer from China
1, steel coil industry  2. Wire industry   3, aluminum coil industry    4. Copper foil industry    5. Mould industry    6, wheel slide valve

The turnover machine realizes continuous and safe operation of different operation requirements. It helps to correctly handle heavy loads and avoid improper damage or damage. Hoists and rollovers are not subject to loading and unloading, regardless of the working environment. With 20 years of design and manufacturing experience, Fhope's reliable and powerful machines can help you get error free load, energy efficiency, and advanced security in continuous operation.

Saftey: it is help peopele to handling the heavy objects, the operator is alway from the machine in safety area.

Efficiency: Compare to handlign by carme of forkman, the load position changing takes 10-60sec only.

Easy maintainment: The strong structure, durable motor, and fool style operation that makes non skilled operation is able to maintain the machine.

Customzied solution: The upender and tilter provided always designed base on customer's specification and requirement to meet the  goal 100%.

Coil upender with conveyor
180 tilter, tipper video

Mechanical upender

Hydraulic upender

Pallet Inverter