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bearing packing machine manufacturer - FHOPE
Bearing packing machine as a one part of coil packing solution that provides the eye through wrapping for big and heavy bearing. FHOPE is one of the main bearing coil packing machine manufacturer in south Asia who can offer you machinery with high quality. With 10+ years experience we can help you with success bearing packaging solution for good protection.
We have set up a high standard to all the process in the machine manufacturering from engineers to mechanics. We only provide you the best product and the best service. Today, Fhope still always continue to design reliable bearing packing machines, which can withstand all the possible challenges, even the most harsh and tough environment. Fhope help you with solutions of complete bearing packaging line in different markets and applications with the latest technology.

1. Nice packaging appearance for the different size  bearing with different packing material
2. Lower material cost than manual ppackaging, higher bearing protection
3. High speed & more efficiency with less labor
4. Full sides sealing package for oil keeping inside of the bearing.
5. High efficiency in bearing packing, handlingng and storage procession
6. Easy connection with customer's production line
bearing packing machine big bearing packing machine video bearing packing machine
small bearing packing machine coi packing machine auto bearing packing machine video



Bearing packing machine

  • Horizontal Bearing packing machine | for small bearing

    Horizontal Bearing packing machine | for small bearingBearing bag packing machine is an horizontal flow wrapper that works for small size bearing bag forming and filling by high speed sealers. The bearing protected by bag....

  • Big size bearing packing machine | For wind turbine,supportiv

    Big size bearing packing machine | For wind turbine,supportivbearaing packaging machine solution desinged for big size bearing such as supportive bearing, wind bearing, wind turbine, blade bearing, slewing ring bearing......

  • Automatic bearing packing machine

    Automatic bearing packing machineThe bearing packing machine is an online&automatic packaging solution which can be customized base on different bearing size, packing material and handling requirement....

  • Bearing packing machine FPB-300

    Bearing packing machine FPB-300Bearing wrapping machine for automatic tape packaging and stretch film wrapping. It is able do two layers material packaging for bearing with difference. The information shows how to pack the bearing....

  • Bearing packing machine FPB-200

    Bearing packing machine FPB-200Bearing packing machine and bearing wrapping mchine for bearing with difference size,semiauto or automatic online packaging solution are available in Fhope...

  • Bearing packing machine FPB-400

    Bearing packing machine FPB-400Description: This bearing wrapping machine is designed mainly for the big size bearing and axletree packaging requirement. Its high efficiency improves the packing capacity, saves the labor cost. The tight package saves the packaging material. High stability improves the packaging quality. Features of bearing packing machine: Con...



Better Digitization: The design of bearing packaging machine or automation systems are building the design of human-machine connections with a high priority. The control system can make the bearing packing and package managment simpler for workers to gathering and sharing information from individual machines or each packaging line procedures. It helps to machine opearation at fool style that need no special skill on the opeation.


Reduced Labor Costs:  One semiauto bearing packing machine is able replace 2-3 people. Machine is working non-stopply.For one bearing packaging line that is able replace operator upto 5 staffs.

Besides the labor cost issue, the automation of the bearing packing machine or packing line can be designed with oil injection, oil recycle, bearing wrapping, logo tapping, and stacking...that is high level in the safety working enviroment.

As a bearing packing machine manufacturer, FHOPE providing the customzied solution for difference in size, packing material, handling way, transporation, control level...Our engineers providing the local on site service for the packing line installation, digitization. The bearing packing solution had been designed for rain season package, for dust & dry season, for sea worth packaging, for baggest OD 6500mm...

Packaging Material available: Stretch fim,  Paper,  VCI film, VCI band, adhesive tape, PE film, Woven...







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