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Operation process:

Turn on the machine, move wrapping station to the initial position for coil loading.
Loading the coil by crane.
Move wrapping station to the packing position.
Automatic coil wrapping.
Back wrapping station to the initial position for coil unloading.
Coil unloading by crane
1. The wrapping station of the machine with movable function for easy loading and unloading.
2. The overlap of packing tape can be adjusted by inverter.
3. Level height of turning ring can be adjusted to suit different size of the coil packaging by motor.
4. Packing tape tension can be adjusted.
5. Difference packing material can be choosing.
6. Supporting rollers are covered by polyurethane.
7. Up and down supporting rollers are available.
8. Separate electrical box for safe operation and technical testing and trouble-shooting.
9. Separate material carriage and cutter device will make the packing process more efficiency.
10. Guardrails for loading and unloading safety.
11. Soft stop and start
12. Packing position reset.
13. Ring speed adjustable by inverter.
14. Rolls speed adjustable by inverter.
15. Friction between wheel and ring is adjustable.
16. PU wheel which long life using.
17. Packing material fix next to wrapping station
18. Supportive rollers adjustment by motor
19. Stretch film fix on the ring for the two layers(stretch film+paper) material wrapping at one time.
20. Wrapping station is movable.

Technical parameter :
Object weight:80-1000kg
Package width:100-500mm
Package OD:750-1500 mm
Package ID: 490-610mm
Wrapping speed:
40-50 sec For OD:800mm ID:508mm Width:50mm
50-65 sec for OD:1500mm ID:508  Width:500mm
Roller Speed:2-4m/min
Rotating speed: 10-90r/min
Overlap scope: 10%-90%
Power output: App.3.0kw
Power voltage: 380v/50Hz,3Phase
Air supply:5-8bar
Machine size:App. L1600xW1800xH2000mm
Paper/HDPE/knit belt:
Width:100-120mm  OD:100-450mm  ID:76mm Thickness>85Gsm
Stretch film/Pvc FILM:
Width:100-120mm  OD:100-200mm  ID:76mm  Thickness>23mircron
Site conditions: 5deg to 45 deg centigrade, humidity:20%-99% dusty atmosphere


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