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Hose coil packaging line

At Fhope, we offer a range of automatic hose coil packaging solutions, including hose coiling machines for HDPE pipes and corrugated coil packaging machines from coiling to stacking. Our comprehensive packaging line is designed to streamline the packaging process and increase productivity, providing businesses with a cost-effective and efficient solution for their packaging needs. With advanced fe

Hose Coil Packaging line


Hose coil automatic packaging line, can including coiling machine, Auto conveyor line, Auto coil wrapping machine, coil strapping machine...

And coil stacking & pallet wrapping machine can be available for fully automatic packaging. Which can connect with packaging line for Inline packaging. All kind of plastic coil package solution, such as PVC/CPVC/PEX.... Machine size can be modified according requirements.

1. Automatic hose pipe coiling machine

2. Automatic hose/pipe coil Wrapping packaging machine

Fhope's technical engineers have been working on hose/pipe coiling packaging lines, working on integration with various feeding systems and other equipment. FHOPE is currently one of the industry's leading manufacturers of pipe/tube/reel packaging equipment as a flexible hose packaging machine. FHOPE's machines are already in operation around the world and can handle a wide variety of products for packaging under a wide variety of conditions.

Our technicians will design and produce your machine according to your list of requirements and provide any technical support and after-sales service required without having to pay for expensive travel expenses.

Fhope coil Packaging machinery is always striving to provide high quality equipment to serve the needs of customers around the world.




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