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Slit coil handling and packaging line

Slit coil handling and packaging line
The full range of the slit coil handling and packing line available in economical, automatic/manually operation with PC controller.
The packing line is able connect to the slitting line and picking up coil from turnstile arm.
Automatic strapping machines and allow strapping the coil through ID coil tail.

And stacked the coils on a skid for storage and shipment


The packing and handling system for the slitting coil:

a. increasing the coil handling and packing speed.

b. Protecting the products surface and reduce damage.

c. Saves the man power.

d. Reduce the maintenance time and cost.


In this system the non-ferrous coils can be wrapped in the plastic stretch film for dust, moisture protection.

Base on the user friendly designing the coils an be tracking in the packing, weighing, labeling for shop and stock control system.



Slit coil handling and packaging line

ntrol systems.

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