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automatic Pipe capping / pipe bundle binding and bag packing machine

Woven bagging machine is designed to connect with the bundle binding machine, providing businesses with a comprehensive and efficient solution for their plastic pipe handling and packing needs. This automatic packing line includes a pipe capping machine with bundling equipment and woven bag packing solution, streamlining the process after extrusion. As a Chinese manufacturer, we are dedicated to p

Automatic Pipe Capping and Bag Packing Machine


Automatic Pipe Capping and Bag Packing Machine-1 Automatic Pipe Capping and Bag Packing Machine-2 Automatic Pipe Capping and Bag Packing Machine-manufacturer Automatic Pipe Capping and Bag Packing Machine-for sale

Automatic pipe capping and bag packing machine

It is for automatic bagging packed with woven bags
It is suitable for packing PVC, PPR and PE straight pipes with a diameter of 100-300 mm. Online automatic bagging
According to single tube, double tube or four tube extrusion equipment to provide customized packaging solutions.
Simple and stable design, easy to operate
End of structure, working width 1000mm
Stable woven bag clamping device ensures that the bag is clamped stably under 0.15Mpa air pressure.
The storage device can be adjusted according to the pipes with different center height.
Simple, quick and user-friendly adjustment
The clamper is reliable to ensure that the woven bag is not loose within the pressure range of 0.15Mpa
Sewing thread is adopted at the bag mouth to ensure the sealing quality
Realize stepless servo adjustment of pipes of different lengths



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