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PVC pipe, PPR pipe bagging machine

At Fhope, we offer a single pipe bag packing solution that is designed to free operators from the tedious task of pipe bag packing. Our advanced machine automatically puts the pipe into a plastic bag and seals it, streamlining the packaging process and increasing productivity. With its reliable performance and innovative features, our single pipe bag packing solution is an ideal choice for busines

Platsic pipe bag packing machine


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It is an machine for single pipe, tube bag packing solution. It is able to automatic bag-filling and sealing packing the pipe/tube...
Fhope continues to be operating from the Chinese market specializing in pvc, ppr and steel pipe bagging to the plastic and steel industry for quite some time. One question that's continually being asked by our customers would be to supply or recommend a device or system that can fill the disposable piping into bags. It was this feedback that resulted in the development of the Pipe Packaging System.

pipe bag packing machine is mainly used to packaging single plastic pipe, pvc pipe, rods, copper pipe, profile... The pipe can be bag filling and bagging automaticlly.
Features of PVC pipe bag packing machine:
A) automatic feeder supplied complete of  pipe/collector
B) cutting unit supplied with electronic controller to assure millimetric precision
C) Film automatic feeding
D) sealing unit
E) automatic cutting unit
F) High output.
G) Efficiency, functionality, minimal maintenance.
Technical date:
Pipe bundle OD:10-150mm
Power supply:380v,50Hz
Air supply:6-8Bar
Bag packing speed:18m/min

When you purchase PVC pipe bag packing machine from FHOPE, you get a lot more than good quality, reliable products. You receive the constant maintenance, technical, and engineering resources necessary to meet your ongoing packaging needs.



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